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Is Internet Explorer becoming obsolete? Will Firefox Destroy the Giant?


Firefox tabs are great. They are convenient and keep me organized. I can open several links from one website in separate tabs. I can save all of the tabs at once in the bookmarks and open them at once. Firefox was the first browser to use tabs. How ingenious is that?

The first browser plug-ins that allowed modification by the end user were offered by Firefox. However, Mozilla is not completely open source.

A big pull for me is the fact that Google browser sync works with Mozilla Firefox but not internet explorer. Google browser sync is amazing. This tool saves web history automatically… and much, much more.

Elite SEO Tools by Digerati Marketing

I am a little skeptical about these tools, although I am excited to be one of the testers, if chosen. As he mentions in the blog these aren’t your basic simple SEO tools. The ones he has listed are all about links, they actually get you links. Which is really amazing, I think these types of tools which he claims to be legitimate White Hat links really can be created.

He never says that we wouldn’t need to add our own elbow grease to the tools; he just says they exist and they work. Well work enough to be tested. Dude half the work in this business is data gathering, next quarter of the work is information filtering. The last quarter is elbow grease, or getting hours hands dirty.

Google Base

– A brand new interface for sellers.

“We’re pleased to announce Google Base, a new resource for sellers that gives you the tools you need to easily submit your feeds (now called bulk uploads) to Froogle and keep them updated. The Google Base dashboard has completely replaced the Froogle Merchant Center. In addition to a new user interface, Google Base offers many new features to help you list your information in Froogle, as well as in other Google search applications.”

-Â The above was in my Froogle Merchant newsletter today.

Gmail vs. Hotmail

Since 1996 I have been using Microsoft’s hotmail for my emailing fun. I was satisified and content with hotmail. I then progressed to Outlook utilizing the power of MS word for spell check and synonyms. However, last week my contentment changed, I was shown the light. I was given the gift of Gmail.

While outlook & hotmail confine you to folders, date, & time Gmail transcends all of that gibberish and gives you relationships. Yes that’s right a relational archiving free email web application. Here are the benefits of Gmail:

Relationship #1: Email Conversations

Microsoft Office Live Essentials Beta

I have been really impressed with the Office Live Essentials Beta, they have given me a free domain name, a “what you see is what you get” editor for creating a website, 50 e-mail accounts with 2 GB each, website hosting with 50 MB of storage, “Advanced” web site traffic reports, a collaboration online workspace for up to 10 users, and plenty of business applications to collaborate with including: contact management, project management, document management, plus 17 others.