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OrangeSoda, Inc. Sponsors SMX Local & Mobile

In my SMX newsletter today I received an awesome surprise! Not only have I been anticipating attending an internet marketing industry convention like SMX Local & Mobile but we are actually sponsoring this one! Check out my Newsletter Screen shot image, oh yeah!

There we are sponsoring the first Local & Mobile internet marketing convention the World has ever seen! Some of the hottest and most successful companies are going to be there. My assignment is to mingle and meet as many of them as possible. Hopefully I can boost my profile to over 200! Course I’ll be using the Tim Sanders “Love Is the Killer App” approach to social networking and business development.

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Apparently WordPress returns a 404 error when there isn’t a page found in a category. So this post is a place holder. Since the “Uncategorized” category is the default category the WordPress won’t let you delete it. So to entertain the search engines I write this post so they don’t think I have a broken link any more.