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How Google is Assimilating its Vast Database of User Data & Can Microsoft Truly Compete?

In Response to Brian Tuners “Google was a links-driven search engine” article found on the domain


My comment was too long to leave on your article page. I added a track-back I hope it works.

I like the article. I do believe however it is missing some key points of “how” Google is assimilating its vast data base of user data. I personally believe there are at least five key tools Google uses.

Google Can’t Even Find It’s Own Knol Encyclopedia

First of all I did a search for “knol”. The 1st result of course was a stock market quote for the company Knology, Inc.  Luckily for them their post about the knol encyclopedia does come up second.

However, this is only one of the reasons why it is broken. The actual official document by Google is a lame blog post!  I mean this post has huge paragraphs making it hard to skim for simple information that answers the simple questions such as where is this knol? Can I use it?

google search for "knol"

SEMPO Speaks To Search Engines In Our Behalf: Join SEMPO!

At SES San Jose this year, the SEMPO team created another insightfully useful dialog with the powers that be at Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft. SEMPO’s main focus was to represent US, its members, and of course SEMPO as being our voice to the search engines. The Major topics of discussion were:

  • Standards for Search Engine APIs
  • The SEMPO Institute
  • Collaborative Search Research
  • Communication with Search Engines

SMX Local and Mobile Report

SMX Local Mobile was freaking awesome! I met Vanessa Fox, who wanted a t-shirt but we didn’t have any her size. And yes unfortunately we have not had many shirts that appeal to women in general because they all want like baby girl T’s or something. In jest, Vanessa said we could ship her one. I was hoping to get her biz card with the address, email, and phone and maybe cook up a biz dev deal but she was only joking.