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Video Interview With Jay Bean of OrangeSoda, Inc. by Brad Baldwin

This is an excellent interview with our CEO Jay Bean. Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain voices really brings out the best in us and Jay.

If you want to see what we do best, give this interview a small piece of your time. The meat is about a minute into the interview when Jay talks about “how we get our customers”.

OrangeSoda 2007 Flag Football Champions!

Well done to team OrangeSoda for bringing home the 2007 Flag Football Championship! Apparently the guys from Ah-ha (now Enhance) have a strong tradition of winning. I counted 13 winning trophies over the past few years and it’s not something they take lightly.

For example on the second to last play Mitch Labrum was injured. The first CAT scan made it apparent that he had broken two vertebrae! The second was to see if they needed to do some more drastic measures to ensure he won’t suffer from a stroke due to the damage caused by being the champions of flag football. Mitch is the guy on the far right showing his OrangeSoda jersey gleaming in the camera’s flash of the team photo if you were wondering.

SMX Local and Mobile Report

SMX Local Mobile was freaking awesome! I met Vanessa Fox, who wanted a t-shirt but we didn’t have any her size. And yes unfortunately we have not had many shirts that appeal to women in general because they all want like baby girl T’s or something. In jest, Vanessa said we could ship her one. I was hoping to get her biz card with the address, email, and phone and maybe cook up a biz dev deal but she was only joking.

OrangeSoda, Inc. Sponsors SMX Local & Mobile

In my SMX newsletter today I received an awesome surprise! Not only have I been anticipating attending an internet marketing industry convention like SMX Local & Mobile but we are actually sponsoring this one! Check out my Newsletter Screen shot image, oh yeah!

There we are sponsoring the first Local & Mobile internet marketing convention the World has ever seen! Some of the hottest and most successful companies are going to be there. My assignment is to mingle and meet as many of them as possible. Hopefully I can boost my profile to over 200! Course I’ll be using the Tim Sanders “Love Is the Killer App” approach to social networking and business development.

Now Hiring: OrangeSoda, Inc. SEO Specialist, Web Designer, and More!

Our SEO Team at OrangeSoda really needs an experienced SEO specialist. We are willing to train anyone who is willing to learn and work hard. The work environment here is the best I have ever been in. My second favorite was MarketStar in Ogden. But this is by far the most fun and productive environment I have ever been in.

Our main page for job listings can be found here at our OrangeSoda, Inc. Careers page. Below are all of our current job postings.

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