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Meant to help you focus on the best monetary return in relation to PPC’s New Tool Uses PPC Dollars Spent to Value Organic Rankings

Have yet to test this new analysis tool from, but it looks very promising.  A mentor of mine Paul Allen, said this method is one of the best ways to validate the use of SEO inside of a business. Using the dollar spent data from PPC, one can determine the value of ranking organically for that term.

Some studies I have read,  even say that you get a even more traffic for having both PPC and organic listings for the same search term. I know for a fact that having multiple web pages listed organically in a SERP, such as a double or indented listing can bring double the amount of traffic. So adding PPC or adding getting ranked for a search term you are bidding on can actually have an almost exponential effect.

Why I Use Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager

Personal Experiences With Advanced Web Ranking

As a professional SEO Consultant for over 3 years now I have tried a few hundred software tools and services related to all things SEO. My 1st experience with Advanced Web Ranking or AWR was at my college’s business incubator, a fellow entrepreneur was using it to check his rankings. At his day job he managed a team of SEO professionals and that’s the tool he was introduced to while working at that firm. I finally started using the tool my 1st job working for a SEO firm. I was given minimal but adequate training to get the job done. At 1st glace AWR seemed daunting and overly complicated. But as I got into the program and learned how to use I came to rely on its keen user tips and fast user interface.

31 Linking Strategies

  1. Reciprocal Link
    1. Ask permission to link, a link back is appreciated but not required. Confirm via email.
    2. If they decide not to link to you, ask permission to link to them still, then send them a thank you note, don’t be surprised when they link to you any way.
    3. highlight what your site has to offer their customers
    4. advantages of reciprocal links
    5. ask for a link, offer to link back
    6. Be already linked to them, give that URL. Make it easy for them to link to you.
    7. Review the web site before the contact, do not automate the process (personalize)
Search Engine Optimization For Dummies, 5th Edition

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

Loved the Book!! The best thing about Peter Kent’s book, Is his attitude toward clients, the reader, and especially about SEO in general. Its the same attitude that Rachelle Money highlights in her recent interview with Peter Kent the author of “Search Engine Optimization For Dummies“.

Peter doesn’t talk down to anyone in his book, and has a results oriented approach. As mentioned above he realizes that Search Engines have in the past and still do today a ton of traffic that can be sent to your’s or your client’s domains.

How Google is Assimilating its Vast Database of User Data & Can Microsoft Truly Compete?

In Response to Brian Tuners “Google was a links-driven search engine” article found on the domain


My comment was too long to leave on your article page. I added a track-back I hope it works.

I like the article. I do believe however it is missing some key points of “how” Google is assimilating its vast data base of user data. I personally believe there are at least five key tools Google uses.


Google Can’t Even Find It’s Own Knol Encyclopedia

First of all I did a search for “knol”. The 1st result of course was a stock market quote for the company Knology, Inc.  Luckily for them their post about the knol encyclopedia does come up second.

However, this is only one of the reasons why it is broken. The actual official document by Google is a lame blog post!  I mean this post has huge paragraphs making it hard to skim for simple information that answers the simple questions such as where is this knol? Can I use it?

google search for "knol"