Category Archives: Pay Per Click’s New Tool Uses PPC Dollars Spent to Value Organic Rankings

Have yet to test this new analysis tool from, but it looks very promising.  A mentor of mine Paul Allen, said this method is one of the best ways to validate the use of SEO inside of a business. Using the dollar spent data from PPC, one can determine the value of ranking organically for that term.

Some studies I have read,  even say that you get a even more traffic for having both PPC and organic listings for the same search term. I know for a fact that having multiple web pages listed organically in a SERP, such as a double or indented listing can bring double the amount of traffic. So adding PPC or adding getting ranked for a search term you are bidding on can actually have an almost exponential effect.

19 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Companies Won’t Allow Certain Ads

Have you ever had an ad dropped or had a PPC company editor tell you that your ad doesn’t match the standard of the PPC network? I have it can be very tiresome to try and get the editor to see things according to their policy. See many of these so called editors are new to the job. These jobs are lower paid and have a higher turnover rate due to the negative element that is involved. What person enjoys telling someone they need to revise their ad, knowing they are going to meet resistance from the customer; not many I am sure of it.