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Video Interview With Jay Bean of OrangeSoda, Inc. by Brad Baldwin

This is an excellent interview with our CEO Jay Bean. Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain voices really brings out the best in us and Jay.

If you want to see what we do best, give this interview a small piece of your time. The meat is about a minute into the interview when Jay talks about “how we get our customers”.

I will pay $50 to hear Seth Godin speak in Utah and receive 5 copies of his new book, The Dip but only if 499 other people will do the same.

Lets get Seth Godin Here!! Shoot my boss is paying for me, get your to do the same. One of my old co-workers is haeding this movement and I am really excited about it. Here is what he has to say.

Cheers, – Bart
“Wow, this has been a great project. We’re almost there, we have 148 people signed up on the pledge!

Seth Godin Google Consulting for Free!!

Seth Godin, that’s right friends, the marketing wizard has done several speaking engagements that were recorded and uploaded to just search for Seth Godin. The Google consulting vide I am speaking of is about 48 minutes and he talks about how Google needs to keep its brand image and that one or two mistakes can ruin their brand image. He mainly focused on his “permission marketing” and not his “all marketers are liars” topic; so the title of the video is a little misleading.

Risk Reversal a Marketing Skill

Because consumers do not want to make the wrong decision and waste money on a product they really don’t need or won’t fulfill all their needs for their particular situation they are naturally hesitant to buy, especially when it comes to major purchases.

Consumers take all the risk where there are no guarantees, see either the company selling the product takes the risk or the customer does.

Thus if you can overcome this hesitation the consumer has when they come to a buying decision, by offering to guarantee their purchase reversing the risk, you will see a lot more sales. That’s a proven fact.