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Video Interview With Jay Bean of OrangeSoda, Inc. by Brad Baldwin

This is an excellent interview with our CEO Jay Bean. Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain voices really brings out the best in us and Jay.

If you want to see what we do best, give this interview a small piece of your time. The meat is about a minute into the interview when Jay talks about “how we get our customers”.

17 Firefox Addons and Plugins I Use

The Mozilla Talkback add-on seems to be useful. Today I received an email saying that they couldn’t fix the problems I have been having without more information from me.

Specifically more information about the plug-ins, themes, and add-ons I have installed. So I highly recommend installing and enabling the Mozilla Firefox Add-on called Talkback.

Here are the add-ons and plug-ins I have on this machine:


Nine Most Excellent Word Press Plug-Ins

All of the following word press plug-ins I have either used, seen used by coworkers and friends, or I am currently using them. Most are the latter. I only picked nine of the dozens and dozens I have used and tried out. These are my favorites or are barely good enough to not look for something better, you know how it is. Looking for the right plug-in can take hours and hours but once you find the right one it is very rewarding. Enjoy!


SMX Local and Mobile Report

SMX Local Mobile was freaking awesome! I met Vanessa Fox, who wanted a t-shirt but we didn’t have any her size. And yes unfortunately we have not had many shirts that appeal to women in general because they all want like baby girl T’s or something. In jest, Vanessa said we could ship her one. I was hoping to get her biz card with the address, email, and phone and maybe cook up a biz dev deal but she was only joking.

Is Internet Explorer becoming obsolete? Will Firefox Destroy the Giant?


Firefox tabs are great. They are convenient and keep me organized. I can open several links from one website in separate tabs. I can save all of the tabs at once in the bookmarks and open them at once. Firefox was the first browser to use tabs. How ingenious is that?

The first browser plug-ins that allowed modification by the end user were offered by Firefox. However, Mozilla is not completely open source.

A big pull for me is the fact that Google browser sync works with Mozilla Firefox but not internet explorer. Google browser sync is amazing. This tool saves web history automatically… and much, much more.

New Domain Extension .asia – Don’t We Already Have Enough Top Level Domains

Only real requests for the .asia domain extension will be reviewed. Apparently they wan to be able to limit the people who own a .asia site to be from Asia, wow that’s crazy. I mean we have a .cat which is for the 12 million Catalan speakers in Europe, but an entire continent covering probably close to 100 different languages and holds what 70% of the worlds population gets .asia.