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Q and A Update: Blogging via MS Word 2007 beta2

Richard K Miller, Q: “…maybe you can also blog about the accuracy of the German translation… (?) “

Bart Gibby, A: The German translation in Microsoft Word 2007 is actually done via an online third party called Word Lingo found at MS Word 2007 just sends the request directly to their website. I have not played with the translation feature much so as to accuracy I have not idea. I do know that it is fairly good but it was unable to translate some of my words seeing how they were tech or internet specific words. However this could be because many tech and internet words are from English origins and thus they are in English in German, they do add a Masculine, Feminine, or neuter article to the English word such as, der, die, or das.

Direct Blogging Using MS Word 2007!!!

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I couldn’t believe it when I got a hold of this beta for Office 2007, and I found I could blog directly from MS Word! One problem I have always had is spelling so I always use a word processor with spell check and synonyms in order to be professional. Even then I have troubles with grammar.

Early Blogging Success

So far I have had one article that has been linked to through organic means. Both sites happen to find my article of value to their users, entrepreneurs and business people.

So thank you to Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Jeff Barr’s Blog.

The article “Finding a Quality Business Incubator” has also been widely syndicated this morning, results are still coming in.

It’s amazing and neat to write something that people find valuable. I am really enjoying this blogging thing. Links mean more than comments to me I think; although, both would be nice.