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Nine Most Excellent Word Press Plug-Ins

All of the following word press plug-ins I have either used, seen used by coworkers and friends, or I am currently using them. Most are the latter. I only picked nine of the dozens and dozens I have used and tried out. These are my favorites or are barely good enough to not look for something better, you know how it is. Looking for the right plug-in can take hours and hours but once you find the right one it is very rewarding. Enjoy!


New User Sitemap for Bart

Found this great user sitemap for my WordPress blog (psst your reading it J). The link to it is on my sitemap page. Shoot, I’ll just link you to it:

Why do I like this sitemap well, it is dynamic for one thing. Second it was easy to use. Third it has tons of options or features that lead to real benefits. I did however have trouble figuring out how to actually implement the sitemap on the blog. The programmer actually never tells you that you need to create a page then add this small code to that static page. He simply says add this code to your page. Which you know was a little confusing but not entirely. I got it to work didn’t I!

SEO Daily Blog Posting Experiment – Does Blogging Daily Increase Overall Website Traffic?

Recently I hired two copywriters to create content for my business plan competition category on my blog. I have been really interested in the amount of traffic I could generate by posting on a regular basis about a niche topic such as business plan competitions.

Knowing search engines as much as I do, if I stagger out the content over the course of many days posting once a day maybe even three times a week I will in the long run generate more traffic. If I can become I reliable source for new fresh content in a specific niche I should be able to capture more search engine traffic.

SEO: rel=”nofollow”> Links, Effective Commenting on Blogs and Directory Submisisons

When roaming the blogosphere pay attention to the type of link you are going to be getting from your comment on a blog post. We white hat SEO people know the value of a great comment on a blog. But we also know how to pick the blogs that either have a lot of traffic which will send us traffic or we know which ones will actually pass their link value on to our client’s sites or to our own.

Checking for “No Follow Links”

Testing Word 2007 Trial (not beta 2) Blogging Function with WordPress

I downloaded the free trial for Office Prof4esional 2007 at about 3 pm today. The trial last until February 28th 2007 and you buy Office 2007 until well who knows when. I am assuming it will be rolled out January sometime. So if this blog post finds its way to my blog then we know it is working fine. Of course it worked in the beta 2 version but they didn’t have a WordPress blog option. So I hope they have fixed the glitches when using WordPress, namely:

  • Date of blog post was wrong

Blogging to Word Press from MS Word 2007 beta 2

I host my own Word Press blog and have found several wonderful things about blogging from MS Word 2007 beta 2. Here is a list of things that I think are completely awesome!

  • Write and Edit your blog without the lag of the internet
  • Write your blog using the joys of a the MS Word 2007 word processor
  • Manage several accounts
    • You can have an account for a multiple blogs
  • You can add a category to the blog before you upload it
    • MS Word logs into your blog and down loads all your categories