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Bart Gibby’s Hands – Warning Graphic Content

Many people ask me over the years what happened to my hands. I even get people searching for my name and the word hands off of Google and other search engines.

So I figure shoot why not tell enough to in short form on my web site to satisfy the very curious.

Basically I lit a bomb and was not able put the fuse out before it exploded in my hands. I was 11 years old just starting my 6th grade year in elementary school. I’ll upload more pictures as I can, but right now these two will have to suffice.

Is Internet Explorer becoming obsolete? Will Firefox Destroy the Giant?


Firefox tabs are great. They are convenient and keep me organized. I can open several links from one website in separate tabs. I can save all of the tabs at once in the bookmarks and open them at once. Firefox was the first browser to use tabs. How ingenious is that?

The first browser plug-ins that allowed modification by the end user were offered by Firefox. However, Mozilla is not completely open source.

A big pull for me is the fact that Google browser sync works with Mozilla Firefox but not internet explorer. Google browser sync is amazing. This tool saves web history automatically… and much, much more.

New User Sitemap for Bart

Found this great user sitemap for my WordPress blog (psst your reading it J). The link to it is on my sitemap page. Shoot, I’ll just link you to it:

Why do I like this sitemap well, it is dynamic for one thing. Second it was easy to use. Third it has tons of options or features that lead to real benefits. I did however have trouble figuring out how to actually implement the sitemap on the blog. The programmer actually never tells you that you need to create a page then add this small code to that static page. He simply says add this code to your page. Which you know was a little confusing but not entirely. I got it to work didn’t I!

I will pay $50 to hear Seth Godin speak in Utah and receive 5 copies of his new book, The Dip but only if 499 other people will do the same.

Lets get Seth Godin Here!! Shoot my boss is paying for me, get your to do the same. One of my old co-workers is haeding this movement and I am really excited about it. Here is what he has to say.

Cheers, – Bart
“Wow, this has been a great project. We’re almost there, we have 148 people signed up on the pledge!

Provo Labs and Paul Allen Thank You Very Much – New Job

Paul gave me the opportunity to grow and learn. I grew athe most by increasing my social network. It wasn’t hard because Paul is so well tied into Utah Valley, Utah, Silicon Valley, and who else knows where. I think I increased my linked network with 15 to 20 quality connections working for Paul. Not to mention that the creditability working for him gave me.

I knew the basics and some advanced things before I started to work for Paul Allen. However, working for him I was able to really hone in on skill sets by doing some experimenting with sitemaps and getting pages indexed. I also learned a lot about the reality of large link campaigns and the social dynamics of new startup companies.

Brad Pace Added to Blog Roll

Brad you were so good to me that I needed to add you to my blog roll. I just really appreciated your patience with me and the time you spent helping me become a better contracted employee for Provo Labs. I hope the SEO strategies we planned out can be put to use.

Plus you got extra kudos points when you sent that blog tag thing to me I swear I spent way too much time on that post. But heck man it was fun.