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Bart Gibby, SEO Consultant is currently employed at Boostability.com an internet marketing company based in American Fork, Utah. In the past he worked at Search Engine Optimists (seo.com), previously known as WebTargeted.com. This company offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. In 2006 Bart worked for Provo Labs as an SEO Specialist.

While attending Utah Valley State College (UVSC) Bart began RBG (Ralph B. Gibby) Web Marketing, an SEO consulting firm at the Student Business Incubator. Although Bart highly enjoyed this endeavor and considers himself a natural entrepreneur. Bart no longer offers online marking consultation services due to the noncompete agreement with Orange Soda, his current employer.

During Bart’s student career at UVSC he created and managed the business plan competition while studying under Peter Robinson, Professor of Entrepreneurship. Bart studied Business Management, emphasizing in entrepreneurship. Bart very much enjoyed this avenue and found UVSC’s entrepreneurship lecture series, highlighting live and currently practicing entrepreneur speakers, to be highly useful and intellectually stimulating. UVSC unfortunately they stopped offering this lecture series; however you can watch the DVDs at the UVSC Library.

As of January 2006, Bart had helped 7 businesses obtain top 10 rankings for over 40 key phrases. In addition, RBG Web Marketing had several sites with 500 key phrase top 10 rankings on MSN, Yahoo!, & Google. Since the beginning of 2006 Bart has had many successes and has stopped counting them, as he has increased many rankings both for his own websites as well as his professional clients’ websites.

Bart is an advocate for continuing education. He stays updated on the most recent search engine optimization developments and techniques. Bart is the author of numerous articles related to internet entrepreneurship that are featured online.

Bart Gibby lives in Orem, Utah with his wife of eight years, Amanda Gibby, whom he met while attending UVSC.

5 thoughts on “About Bart Gibby

  1. I’m a recent graduate of The Ohio State University, and now entrepreneur out of Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been working on a concept since last March that is scheduled to launch at the end of this March. I just found you in my linked in network, and would be interested in sharing the idea, learning more about your background, etc. If you have some time, drop me a note at the email below

  2. I am also a student at UVSC (soon to be UVU) but majoring in Digital Media (formerly known as Multimedia Communication Technology). I am a SEO specialist and am amazed at the disinterest in SEO from professors in the Web track. Good luck with your entrepreneurship endeavors.

  3. Hi Bart,

    I had applied for your “SEO – Genealogy” via Guru and got a message with this website name saying I had to verify the mail. I am unable to find your email id on the site.

    All my mails to you have bounced. Do reply so I can give you more details on my experience. I am an SEO consultant and interested in working on the project you mentioned in Guru.

  4. Kathy,

    That project was canceled due to a job offer I could not refuse. I did need to sign a non-compete agreement with OrangeSoda.com, so all my clients have either come on board with me here or decided to find another SEO company.


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