Google Wave Test Using Wavr WordPress Plugin

[wave id=”!w+wUnMhOzgA” font=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”]

9 thoughts on “Google Wave Test Using Wavr WordPress Plugin

  1. So I added the Wavr plug-in for wordpress and was unable to get it to work. It either asks you to log in to Google wave or if you are logged in you get a bright green page in a frame. If you view that framed page you see there is a form to submit a problem to Dr. Wave.

  2. Was able to finally find the wave ID. Apparently you can see the ID in the URL after clicking on a wave. You need to change “w%252B” to “w+” so your ID will end up looking like this:!w+wUnMhOzgA.12

    but this still doesn’t work, meaning the wave is still not showing yet.

  3. Found this cool robot that I added as a participant in the wave “mywaveid{at)” and it gave me an ID without the “.12” at the end looking like this:!w+wUnMhOzgA

    That still doesn’t work. beginning to think maybe it is my blog’s theme some how. Will work on this again at a later date.

  4. So I even made the wave Public by adding the user “”. Still this dang wave is not showing in my blog post.

    lol, ya silly me for thinking this would be easier.

  5. I have the same issue in the about section of

    I am using the Wavr plugin as well and I just get a solid screen.

  6. @skg, ya I was hoping that the new upgrade for the wavr plug-in would fix the problem. Instead it just prints out the plug-in’s code request:

    [wave id=”!w+wUnMhOzgA” font=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”]

  7. for some reason when I upgraded the wavr plug-in it became deactivated. Hence the reason why wordpress was just shooting out the plug-in’s code request for the wavr page.

  8. Still a blank bright green framed page from google wave. Its weird that I have had two friends on google wave say they can see the wave and three counting my self, that have not seen it.

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