31 Linking Strategies

  1. Reciprocal Link
    1. Ask permission to link, a link back is appreciated but not required. Confirm via email.
    2. If they decide not to link to you, ask permission to link to them still, then send them a thank you note, don’t be surprised when they link to you any way.
    3. highlight what your site has to offer their customers
    4. advantages of reciprocal links
    5. ask for a link, offer to link back
    6. Be already linked to them, give that URL. Make it easy for them to link to you.
    7. Review the web site before the contact, do not automate the process (personalize)
    8. Solicit twice only, send thank you note if they reciprocate
    9. reciprocal linking in moderation
    10. Submit your site to as many directories as possible.
    11. Solicit reciprocal links. You should personalize your link-exchange emails and not rely on a template. Include specific details about the site from which you are soliciting a link. Let the site owner know you actually took the time to review her site.
    12. When selecting link-exchange partners, utilize the search engines to identify sites that rank well for search terms that are important for your site. From among these sites, target the sites that compliment your own without competing.
    13. Don’t overlook exchanging links with your business partners, if appropriate.
    14. PERSONALLY write individual sites, requesting a link. And if you haven’t linked to them already, offer to exchange links. Do NOT form mail them; most will delete the mail and may block you as spam.
  2. Directory Submission
    1. Buy a link from Yahoo directory, get into ODP, specialty search engines and directories, reciprocal links, having great content makes this easy
    2. Submit to themed directories, as many as possible. Link to your page on the directory from your site. “Where we can be found on the web”
    3. Get listed on Yahoo!
    4. Does not use reciprocal links unless they are complimentary. Directories and portals will naturally work better. Logic with out bound links “You have already lost the client today, Dixon, so get a better product tomorrow.”
    5. Get a link for you newsletter from a news letter directory (multimedia, images, & PDF)
    6. get into the Netscape Open Directory, you can have multiple links from different but related categories
    7. About.com listing in appropriate category
    8. Submit to general directories
    9. Submit to niche directories, newsletter, freebie, sweepstakes, etc.
    10. industry and geographic specific directories & blogs (buy a link at Business.com directory)
    11. Submit your site to each search engine and relevant directory.
  3. Article Teaser
    1. Create teaser articles. 1/3 on a targeted site with a keyword rich link to the other 2/3 on yours
  4. Expert Resource
    1. Offer yourself as an expert to editors and writers, let them know you are open to be a source for their articles in exchange for a link and always push for a bio
    2. Say yes to interviews from the media, in exchange for a link when they introduce you.
    3. If you are a good writer with extensive experience in your field, you might also write guest articles for other websites. This is a great way to create incoming links and establish a reputation for you self as an expert.
  5. Link Management
    1. Verify legitimacy of the sites we link to. What are there intensions?
    2. Link back to relevant search engines & directories, as a thank you gesture
    3. Utilize link popularity tools and search engines to identify which sites are linking to your competitors. Solicit links from these sites as well.
    4. Focus on creating links with relevant link text. For example, if your site sells marketing widgets, text such as “Bob’s Discount Marketing Widgets” is better than “bobswidgets.com”. The link text should describe your site as best as possible in a few words and include relevant keywords. Ideally, work your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) into your link text. This should say what makes your website stand apart from the competition (most products, unique products, lowest price, etc.).
    5. Focus on QUALITY links.
  6. Community Posts
    1. Any where you can leave you link do it, chat rooms, guest books, etc.
    2. Post in discussion boards in related themes and topics, try yahoo groups, doing properly is very effective.
    3. Ask a question (FAQ) include your link, post questions on forums with signature, post in news groups, put a tail tag with your link on your email, put you link on your t-shirt, put it on a sticker in your shipments, tattoo it on your forehead, Tell your mom. Get a vanity license plate, etc.
    4. post to newsgroups leave your signature link
    5. Frequent online communities such as discussion forums and email lists. Make valuable contributions to the community and include your linked URL in your signature. This won’t have as significant an impact on your link popularity as it once did, but it can still be an effective way to generate organic link traffic.
  7. Email
    1. link in signature of your email
  8. Social Networking
    1. Build a rapport with (local) webmasters
  9. Back Link Management
    1. Ensure that inbound links are from decent sites, ask the no relevant sites to stop linking to us
    2. Current links partners might find other pages or websites of value (that you suggest).
    3. back linking your competition, see who is linking to them, ask them for links
    4. Make a top 50 list of the sites with which you want to be linked. Find appropriate niche search engines, manufacturers, supplier sites, and other complimentary sites.
  10. Article Submission
    1. become and expert in your field and write an article and submit it to content providers
    2. custom articles for individual sites
    3. write an article to the target market of the site you want a link from, submit it for their ezine, newsletter, or content library
    4. submitting articles for publication
  11. Testimonial Submission
    1. write a testimonial about a product or service for a targeted website in return for a link
    2. become a user or customer and write a custom testimonial for the web site
    3. Utilize reviews or testimonials as a linking strategy. Many webmasters will publish your favorable comments about their sites or products, along with a link back to your site.
  12. Testimonial Request
    1. When asking for testimonials ask for reciprocal links as well
  13. Affiliate Program
    1. Host your own affiliate program or use one that ensures a link to your site is used not a redirect. Some engines do not count all affiliate URLs so choose wisely
    2. Offer a good product or service; establish a good conversion on the site, getting super affiliates. Super affiliates multiply the number of regular affiliates.
    3. Create an affiliate program. In other words, your domain name must be in the linked URL for you to get link popularity credit.
  14. Directory Portal
    1. Build a stand alone directory or search engine. Add all your sites, clients’ sites, affiliates, suppliers, etc.
  15. Banner Exchange
    1. Start your own banner exchange service with a link back to your site from each banner
  16. Directory Pages
    1. (web developers) Create a directory of your clients, according to relevant categories; put it on each of their sites. Make each site directory’s content different.
  17. Library
    1. Have a high quality newsletter or article section on your site. Offer your article or newsletter to other sites conditional upon a link.
    2. creating an on-site library asking for content in exchange for a link
  18. Awards Program
    1. offer awards, a image that links back to your site, if you don’t have the time for a awards program or it doesn’t fit your site theme, offer a image any way to your users
  19. White Label
    1. “White labeling” make a free product allowing others to put their brand on it requiring a link to your site
    2. Create a tool, resource, or content that is of value then allow other to label it as their own (like licensing) in exchange for a link.
  20. Contest Program
    1. Offer a contest or a sweepstakes on the site, get free links from the sweepstakes directories
  21. Content
    1. Use emotional content to give people a reason to link to you. Unique theme, original appropriate humor, extremely useful content like resources, original cartoon, animation appealing to sense or tells a short story. Similar emotional themed websites will link to you.
    2. spend time building valuable content, people will link to you
    3. Develop RSS feeds of your content
    4. Syndicate your content.
  22. Article Acquisition
    1. Have writers write you an article for a link to them, or ask to use their articles for links. The idea is that with good content people will link to you.
  23. Like it Link it
    1. have an easy way for your users to link back to your content, if they like it enough they will, like an a icon that generates the HTML with the link and the anchor text
  24. Discount Link
    1. Offer a discount for goods and services in return for a link.
    2. offering link incentives
  25. Free Mini Sites
    1. Create 3 to 5 pages mini sites on free web hosting accounts about the same subject and theme of your site and link to your main site. Make sure the content is unique, submit the site to the search engines. If you have the money do this with domain names and static IP addresses
  26. Free Product
    1. Offer something for free like a downloadable report in exchange for a link.
    2. License content for free in exchange for a link
    3. Give something away free on your site – some type of tool – and provide cut-and-paste copy to that giveaway page.”
  27. Press Release
    1. Write or hire someone to write a press release
    2. Publish press releases on your site
    3. Ask a reporter for links
    4. Utilize press releases and other publicity-garnering techniques to draw attention to your site. Other sites may pick up these releases and link back to you. Also, make sure to publish these press releases on your own site, which will help to increase your site’s credibility.
  28. Awards Submission
    1. Submit to awards sites on the web, if you win you get an image for your site creating trust & rapport with users, they usually link back to you as a bonus.
    2. Submit your website to the various online awards programs. http://www.marketingexperiments.com/improving-website-conversion/website-awards.html
  29. Promotional
    1. Put you link on your t-shirt, put it on a sticker in your shipments, tattoo it on your forehead, Tell your mom. Get a vanity license plate, etc.
  30. Un Categorized
    1. hosting a “top sites” program
    2. joining web rings
  31. Temporary Links
    1. I’m referring to Yahoo’s Picks of the Day and Picks of the Week.  Every day, Yahoo selects a few new sites and features them in their daily newsletter as “new and notable” sites.  The daily new and notable picks can always be seen at the below URL.  http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/url/url-06.html

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