Search Engine Optimization For Dummies, 5th Edition

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

Loved the Book!! The best thing about Peter Kent’s book, Is his attitude toward clients, the reader, and especially about SEO in general. Its the same attitude that Rachelle Money highlights in her recent interview with Peter Kent the author of “Search Engine Optimization For Dummies“.

Peter doesn’t talk down to anyone in his book, and has a results oriented approach. As mentioned above he realizes that Search Engines have in the past and still do today a ton of traffic that can be sent to your’s or your client’s domains.

But he also realizes that Search engines are not the only place for traffic. Point being that if they didn’t have the huge amounts that they do have we wouldn’t care about them.

Shoot look at the traffic you can get from YouTube, MySpace, and Wikipedia. In the future SEO might just eventually die and all that will be left are professionals optimizing for maximum visibility on the internet in general instead of on specific websites.

Also bloggers write blog posts and links. Links mean votes for rankings in search engines. Peter Kent’s idea are all “White Hat”, another reason why I love his book. I am looking forward to meeting him someday.

The resources he gives are good, he has a fairly extensive list of directories you can submit too. He uses fun examples in the book like “rat racing” and explains how to subit your site to these directories.

He now has 3rd edition coming out.. which should have better lists and resources. 3 editions! Shoot that’s another reason to like Peter Kent. His commitment to bringing SEO out of the black and into the white is commendable, and with each edition he just proves that it is working.

Cheers, Peter! Your an SEO Ace!

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