Google Can’t Even Find It’s Own Knol Encyclopedia

First of all I did a search for “knol”. The 1st result of course was a stock market quote for the company Knology, Inc.  Luckily for them their post about the knol encyclopedia does come up second.

However, this is only one of the reasons why it is broken. The actual official document by Google is a lame blog post!  I mean this post has huge paragraphs making it hard to skim for simple information that answers the simple questions such as where is this knol? Can I use it?

google search for "knol"

It just so happens that wikipedia was the third result giving me faster more relevant information than Google’s own pages did.In 30 seconds scanning the wiki page I was able to find out why I couldn’t get to the actual knol web site. Which was the reason I was searching for knol in the 1st place.  According to wikipedia, knol is a closed or invitation only beta test. Knowing this ended my search. Thanks wikpedia for telling me all about the knol encyclopedia.

On a side note the fourth result is really just an image but notice that it is an actual html page rather than a image result. Which is a underused tactic to rank images as pages. Shoot even the big dawg Google uses it.