SEMPO Speaks To Search Engines In Our Behalf: Join SEMPO!

At SES San Jose this year, the SEMPO team created another insightfully useful dialog with the powers that be at Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft. SEMPO’s main focus was to represent US, its members, and of course SEMPO as being our voice to the search engines. The Major topics of discussion were:

  • Standards for Search Engine APIs
  • The SEMPO Institute
  • Collaborative Search Research
  • Communication with Search Engines

Standards for Search Engine APIs
SEMPO went to bat for us about expressing our frustration utilizing each engines unique APIs. The engines support the idea, and will most likely support common fields and features among each others APIs. Does this interest you? It should, if you’re in my industry. Hasn’t the XML sitemap and robots.txt standards been extremely useful. Good, join SEMPO.

The SEMPO Institute
SEMPO offers training through their institute,, and they strive to keep their curriculum up to the standards of the search engines. Assuring the practices they teach truly are acceptable “best practices” by each engine. That gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you screw any of your clients over. I hope that interests you! It does. Good, join SEMPO.

Collaborative Search Research
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pool of research all about search? Well shoot, SEMPO started working on partnerships with the engines at SES San Jose. The engines are now listening and are interested in supporting the idea. What research would you like to see from the search engines? (Insert request here or below in comments). Good, join SEMPO.

Communication with Search Engines
Tired of feeling like you have no influence or are at the will of the engines. Or perhaps you just want to express your opinions about search to search engines with more power and influence. Heck, this principle at the very core of SEMPO. Even the engines want to hear what we have to say. SEMPO provides us with that opportunity. Search Engines are looking forward to increase their two-dialog with SEMPO. Think you can get that alone, ya I didn’t think so. So, join SEMPO.

How to Join SEMPO
You’ll need some money, yes money. Between $300 and $5,000 depending on what level of membership you choose or are able to choose. It’s all broken down on their Join SEMPO page found at: No, this is not an affiliate link. SEMPO does not have an affiliate program you silly blog reader, you. If I am wrong correct me and I’ll toss up my affiliate link insteadJ.