OrangeSoda 2007 Flag Football Champions!

Well done to team OrangeSoda for bringing home the 2007 Flag Football Championship! Apparently the guys from Ah-ha (now Enhance) have a strong tradition of winning. I counted 13 winning trophies over the past few years and it’s not something they take lightly.

For example on the second to last play Mitch Labrum was injured. The first CAT scan made it apparent that he had broken two vertebrae! The second was to see if they needed to do some more drastic measures to ensure he won’t suffer from a stroke due to the damage caused by being the champions of flag football. Mitch is the guy on the far right showing his OrangeSoda jersey gleaming in the camera’s flash of the team photo if you were wondering.

OrangeSoda, Inc. Flag Football Team

“I think Mitch took the news that he wouldn’t be able to play basketball worse than hearing that he had broken his neck! Anyway, I told Mitch … no more football!” – Mrs. Labrum

Ouch Mitch, you have been officially banned from contact flag sports for the rest of your life!

The Score

Oh yes the Score was tight and I wish I would have been there to hear the bones crack but I was home mowing my lawn.



OrangeSoda, Inc.


The Scrubbers


This post was dedicated to the whole team, especially you Mitch! Get well, at an accelerated rate, Mitch. God Bless.

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