Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive Gives 500 MB of Free File Storage!

I Love the Drag and drop functionality of SkyDrive!! It is like having an extension of my desktop and being able to share any file on a LAN but the LAN is the entire world. It allows me to select individuals I want to share with or just share with any body.

Better than Gmail file storing because I can store executables files and entire programs. Though, Live’s email still has a long way to go to beat out Gmail for email. I can’t wait to see what else you will add to the service after it is out of Beta testing.

SkyDrive is the freaking bomb! Thanks Microsoft!

Now in order to use the drag and drop functionality in SkyDrive you will have to use Internet Explorer as your browser, have a Live account, and of course have a file to upload to your 500 MB free hard drive in the sky.

Ok want to try it out sure, take a spin on my publicly shared folder. The folder has all my favorite SEO programs in it. Programs I no longer need thanks to our genius coders here at OrangeSoda, Inc. Check it out I can even embed it in my webpage’s code. That is rock’n! But of course in traditional Microsoft fashion the embedded code only works if you use Internet Explorer. Sadly, this is true firefox uses sorry go and get you IE plug-in or extension to view the embedded SkyDrive link.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive Gives 500 MB of Free File Storage!

  1. Ok, at first I was open to this idea. Though, after more research microsoft is still falling short in many ways.

    Files can’t be bigger than 50MB.
    1) The file is larger than 50 MB. Try using a file compression program to make the file smaller, and then try to upload the file again.

    Can’t upload Folders?

    2)At this time, you can’t upload folders to SkyDrive Beta. In SkyDrive Beta, create a new folder or subfolder with the same name as the folder that you tried to upload, and then upload the files to the new folder. — Not an extremely horrible thing here really, though it would be nice if we had the option to upload whole folders.

    3) Cant move files? Also can live with this, but they need to change this definately.– At this time, you can’t move a file to another folder. If you want to put a file in a different folder, you must upload the file to that folder.

  2. Alex, its only BETA. They also have to limit file size to cut down on bandwidth expenses. As more and more people adopt Live’s SkyDrive it will get better and better. It started at 500 MG of Storage and is already up to 1 GB.

    I am not sure what type of files you are trying to use in your SkyDrive account. But I have yet to want to or try to upload one over 50 MB.

    My link above consists of several SEO/SEM software programs each under 50 MB. So unless you wanted to do HD video or large games. This is an amazing service!!

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