SMX Local and Mobile Report

SMX Local Mobile was freaking awesome! I met Vanessa Fox, who wanted a t-shirt but we didn’t have any her size. And yes unfortunately we have not had many shirts that appeal to women in general because they all want like baby girl T’s or something. In jest, Vanessa said we could ship her one. I was hoping to get her biz card with the address, email, and phone and maybe cook up a biz dev deal but she was only joking.

Moving on the conference was awesome again. I was able to get six of the SMX backpacks, five Medio water bottles, 5 local matters mouse pads, could have gotten like 20 Marchex pens, footballs, writing pads but shoot who wants Marchex stuff. I did get a whole lot of other stuff like five mint strips, 20 pens, and at least 10 great business cards.

As far as information goes the local organic track really didn’t give me a whole lot of new tactics or technical information. I did get some great case studies and some killer biz dev contacts which I handed over to Cody Hunter, Derek Miner, and Sam Clarke at our sweet killer awesome no need to hire a union to take down and ship back home tradeshow booth.

For the mobile natural rankings track sessions there was tons of information and resources given in the power points (I still have not been able to download them arrrghh!!). But the funny thing is that the mobile technology is changing so rapidly I think that all the technical things to optimize a website for mobile search engines will just fade away. It sounds like the Search Engines are just waiting for more IPhone types of mobile internet connections (IPhone uses the safari browser which is a full internet browser) to become available, thus eliminating any need to create an industry standard for the “mobile web” as they have for search engine sitemaps found at

Sadly though this conference was held in Denver and was a smaller group of tightly related businesses. Almost all the IYPs (short for Internet Yellow Page Companies) were there, Yahoo! and Google were both there. I didn’t see an Ask or a Live representative there at all.

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  1. “They all want like baby girl T’s or something” Funny how you try to sound manly by pretending not to know what the shirt is called, even though I know you know…you know I know know I know i know

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