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SEMPO Speaks To Search Engines In Our Behalf: Join SEMPO!

At SES San Jose this year, the SEMPO team created another insightfully useful dialog with the powers that be at Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft. SEMPO’s main focus was to represent US, its members, and of course SEMPO as being our voice to the search engines. The Major topics of discussion were:

  • Standards for Search Engine APIs
  • The SEMPO Institute
  • Collaborative Search Research
  • Communication with Search Engines

Video Interview With Jay Bean of OrangeSoda, Inc. by Brad Baldwin

This is an excellent interview with our CEO Jay Bean. Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain voices really brings out the best in us and Jay.

If you want to see what we do best, give this interview a small piece of your time. The meat is about a minute into the interview when Jay talks about “how we get our customers”.

17 Firefox Addons and Plugins I Use

The Mozilla Talkback add-on seems to be useful. Today I received an email saying that they couldn’t fix the problems I have been having without more information from me.

Specifically more information about the plug-ins, themes, and add-ons I have installed. So I highly recommend installing and enabling the Mozilla Firefox Add-on called Talkback.

Here are the add-ons and plug-ins I have on this machine:


Web Analytics: Have I captured the right information? Can I use the information?

Web analytics can be defined as: A process for collecting data, conducting analysis, and reporting website activity and results. Collecting the data is not the hard part as you may have already discovered. Forrester Research conducted a study in which 46% of all respondents signified that their largest obstacle to successful web analytics is figuring out how to take action from the data collected. It’s the questions after the data has been collected that haunt us: Have I captured the right information? Can I use the information? How does it add value to my company or my customer? What does this data tell me? How is this applicable to us today?

OrangeSoda 2007 Flag Football Champions!

Well done to team OrangeSoda for bringing home the 2007 Flag Football Championship! Apparently the guys from Ah-ha (now Enhance) have a strong tradition of winning. I counted 13 winning trophies over the past few years and it’s not something they take lightly.

For example on the second to last play Mitch Labrum was injured. The first CAT scan made it apparent that he had broken two vertebrae! The second was to see if they needed to do some more drastic measures to ensure he won’t suffer from a stroke due to the damage caused by being the champions of flag football. Mitch is the guy on the far right showing his OrangeSoda jersey gleaming in the camera’s flash of the team photo if you were wondering.

Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive Gives 500 MB of Free File Storage!

I Love the Drag and drop functionality of SkyDrive!! It is like having an extension of my desktop and being able to share any file on a LAN but the LAN is the entire world. It allows me to select individuals I want to share with or just share with any body.

Better than Gmail file storing because I can store executables files and entire programs. Though, Live’s email still has a long way to go to beat out Gmail for email. I can’t wait to see what else you will add to the service after it is out of Beta testing.