Elite SEO Tools by Digerati Marketing

I am a little skeptical about these tools, although I am excited to be one of the testers, if chosen. As he mentions in the blog these aren’t your basic simple SEO tools. The ones he has listed are all about links, they actually get you links. Which is really amazing, I think these types of tools which he claims to be legitimate White Hat links really can be created.

He never says that we wouldn’t need to add our own elbow grease to the tools; he just says they exist and they work. Well work enough to be tested. Dude half the work in this business is data gathering, next quarter of the work is information filtering. The last quarter is elbow grease, or getting hours hands dirty.

I am assuming for the tools that create links for you over the course of several weeks are automated but only after you set them up. So entering in keywords, URLs, and variations on link anchor text should be the extent of it. Maybe some configurations on timing and number of posts or comments or length of something of text. Perhaps you actually have to write each and every single one of the link anchor texts and profile information fields all by hand to make them unique. So what dude, its automated submissions.

I love the personal touch; I hope the tools are somewhat like this.

Here is the link to his blog post: http://www.digeratimarketing.co.uk/2007/08/11/elite-seo-tools/

5 thoughts on “Elite SEO Tools by Digerati Marketing

  1. Dude, If they are it works!! The guy did get you a link though didn’t he? So you of all people have more reason than I to trust him.

    Will he follow through, I don’t know. Thats up to him. But shoot I don’t get anything if I don’t try. Not to mention it was fun to write about. I can also just blog about how he did or did not follow through.

    That’s life 🙂 Besides we have our own cool tools at OrangeSoda, Inc. nothing like what Mark says he has but we have stuff.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained. Something ventured possible outcome of something gained. Very simple equation.

    Cya at work tomarrow Bryan. Cheers,

  2. oh crap dude your right… I totally mixed this guy up with CornwallSEO.com lol 🙂 Jokes on me man.

    Guess we’ll find out about his tools sooner or later.

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