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Is Internet Explorer becoming obsolete? Will Firefox Destroy the Giant?


Firefox tabs are great. They are convenient and keep me organized. I can open several links from one website in separate tabs. I can save all of the tabs at once in the bookmarks and open them at once. Firefox was the first browser to use tabs. How ingenious is that?

The first browser plug-ins that allowed modification by the end user were offered by Firefox. However, Mozilla is not completely open source.

A big pull for me is the fact that Google browser sync works with Mozilla Firefox but not internet explorer. Google browser sync is amazing. This tool saves web history automatically… and much, much more.

Elite SEO Tools by Digerati Marketing

I am a little skeptical about these tools, although I am excited to be one of the testers, if chosen. As he mentions in the blog these aren’t your basic simple SEO tools. The ones he has listed are all about links, they actually get you links. Which is really amazing, I think these types of tools which he claims to be legitimate White Hat links really can be created.

He never says that we wouldn’t need to add our own elbow grease to the tools; he just says they exist and they work. Well work enough to be tested. Dude half the work in this business is data gathering, next quarter of the work is information filtering. The last quarter is elbow grease, or getting hours hands dirty.

Now Hiring: OrangeSoda, Inc. SEO Specialist, Web Designer, and More!

Our SEO Team at OrangeSoda really needs an experienced SEO specialist. We are willing to train anyone who is willing to learn and work hard. The work environment here is the best I have ever been in. My second favorite was MarketStar in Ogden. But this is by far the most fun and productive environment I have ever been in.

Our main page for job listings can be found here at our OrangeSoda, Inc. Careers page. Below are all of our current job postings.

Job Title

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New User Sitemap for Bart

Found this great user sitemap for my WordPress blog (psst your reading it J). The link to it is on my sitemap page. Shoot, I’ll just link you to it:

Why do I like this sitemap well, it is dynamic for one thing. Second it was easy to use. Third it has tons of options or features that lead to real benefits. I did however have trouble figuring out how to actually implement the sitemap on the blog. The programmer actually never tells you that you need to create a page then add this small code to that static page. He simply says add this code to your page. Which you know was a little confusing but not entirely. I got it to work didn’t I!

48% said they would fire their boss if they could, 29% would have their boss assessed by a workplace psychologist

Statistics on Bosses: Leaders or Managers, Who Makes a Good Boss?

Leadership is very different than management. A good boss may have leadership skills and management skills but use them interchangeably at appropriate times. A leader inspires, leads by example, and forges the way for others. A manager focuses on assigning tasks, making sure those tasks are completed, and that the employees have the resources needed to complete such tasks.

“48% of employees would like to fire their boss; 29% would like to have their boss assessed by a psychologist” —

I referred to this statistic once before. Possibly those bosses who employees would like to fire are more managerial oriented than they should be. A great quote sums it up.

The Tech Valley Collegiate Business Plan Competition

The Tech Valley Collegiate Business Plan Competition is hosted by the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lally School of Management and Technology in Troy, New York. The competition is designed to advance learning and introduce students to the career choice of entrepreneurship. The contest is also sponsored by Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C., Rensselaer’s Incubator Program, and the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS), with support from The Center for Economic Growth.

The winners of the Tech Valley Collegiate competition take home up to $50,000 in cash and prizes. The cash awards are as follows: first place – $5,000, second place – $4,000, and third place – $3,000.