SEO Consultants Lets Trade Directory Lists

If you have a list of directories I am all for trading or exchanging lists however, there are rules. These are based off work; I’ll make a sound judgment on whether or not you have put enough work into your list to warrant an exchange.

Why don’t I just give you my list well, let’s just say I have put some time into it. No freeloaders accepted.

  • If you have a list smaller than mine then you send me your list and I’ll filter out all the unique domains and send you back the same amount of unique domains to you
  • If you have a larger list than mine I expect you to treat me the same way as above
  • If it is smart for me to give you my list I will. Smart meaning you can give me something else or I directly benefit from it in some way
  • I know you I may just give you my list, just ask
  • If you want a direct exchange then get within 50 domains of what I currently have
  • The more information you have the better the exchange you will get

Current Total Domains in my Directory list is: 1,160 unique domains in my list of directories – Updated 7-13-07