New Domain Extension .asia – Don’t We Already Have Enough Top Level Domains

Only real requests for the .asia domain extension will be reviewed. Apparently they wan to be able to limit the people who own a .asia site to be from Asia, wow that’s crazy. I mean we have a .cat which is for the 12 million Catalan speakers in Europe, but an entire continent covering probably close to 100 different languages and holds what 70% of the worlds population gets .asia.

So why isn’t the .eu domain extension good enough for the Catalan speakers? How many people living in north eastern Spain and Mediterranean Spanish Islands really own a computer and then have access to the internet any way. Here is a map showing exactly where the Catalan speakers live. Who cares, they all speak Spanish or another major European language any way. Why don’t we get some for more dead and dying languages like Latin, Old English, Canadian, Hispanic, and Pig Latin!

Areas where people speak the Cataln Language, mainly throughout northern Spain and the Spanish Owned Islands

Maybe we’ll get an extension of .na for North America, oh wait the country of Nambia already has that one. I guess the only continent that gets a domain extension is Asia, .eu doesn’t count it’s for the European Union not for the whole continent.

So really how are domain extensions organized? In reality they are not organized with any real logical hierarchy. Not by function, language, continent, or by country. They are organized however by need, so all the above top level domain categories are a true type of categorical organization but with bias. For example the United States Military gets a .mil but what about the Nambia military, what do they get?

I would like a domain extension of .thatsme or even just .bartgibby. Then I could have domains like www.bartgibby.thatsme or, shoot www.bart.bartgibby would be great! My email address could be bart@bart.bartgibby wow!

No seriously I think this top level domain stuff is getting out of hand with the biases and control of it all. Wouldn’t you agree?