Former Boss, Dave Bascom (Mike Mann, Wash VC) at Web, Buys

After months of talking and negotiations I was so happy to hear that Web Targeted’s deal with Washington VC went through. Mike Mann the man behind Washington VC owns a lot of generic key phrase domains like and So it should be no surprise to that during this negotiation and acquisition that Mike would think about buying

The last I heard the deal was being sold for a percentage of the new WebTargeted SEO Company and a partial upfront payment. I had no idea that Mike would go up to (amount removed per Mike Mann’s Request). To quote my current boss “HOLY!” crap. I know they were throwing around a few other domain names like, but is much better.

The term or abbreviation SEO however, is searched for less than the actual word “search engine optimization” but having will definitely give the new Web Targeted huge national recognition and new clients. I just hope its (amount removed per Mike Mann’s Request) worth of new clients in less than 5 years, that’s a great break even margin I think for a domain purchase that size.

It’s a little weird seeing the domain having a real website rather than the ad sense directory garbage that was on it before. I am sure I’ll get use to it. But it’s a great change; it’s good to know that the domain is being used for what it was meant to be used for.

Questions To Ponder:

  • If Mike Mann has (amount removed per Mike Mann’s Request) to spend on just a domain name then heck, how much has he pumped into the new WebTaregted?
  • Will they be a major player in the fortune 500 Market Space for search engine optimization? Only time will tell.
  • Will Mike Mann be able to keep all his new ventures a float all at the same time?,,, and many others. Paul Allen (Provo, Utah’s Paul Allen) had a hard time with it. Can Mike Mann pull it off?


5 thoughts on “Former Boss, Dave Bascom (Mike Mann, Wash VC) at Web, Buys

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  2. Dude, you bloggers do no fact checking whatsoever and repeat BS that someone with a specific agenda originally posted, there has been no announcement from our camp on any of the items speculated about, webtargeted, or buydomains, and therefore you might assume none of it is true, other than that is in fact a WVC asset now.

    Why not have the bloggers pretend that facts matter before repeating the wrong ones?
    Go get the original source for leading you all on and now leaving yet another permanent internet trail full of junk text that effects the market for other domain and small company investors.

  3. Mr. Mann,

    I am very sorry that I misrepresented any information about you or WebTargeted. Please inform me of what information I misrepresented so I may correct my post with facts. I will eagerly await your email and promptly correct mistakes per your request. My intention was to create a positive rather than negative buzz about your newly acquired company. I admire you for spending money on the domain “” and believe you will do extremely well because of such a url. I work as an SEO specialist and consider myself entrepreneurial. In all honesty, I am slightly jealous that was purchased because it decreases the chances of ever acquiring such a great domain name for myself.

    I have the utmost respect for you as an entrepreneur and social giver. Your project is a wonder to behold. Dave Bascom is also one I hold in this light. You see I am not just any blogger:

    I am a student of Entrepreneurs and have had many mentors: Rick Farr, Paul Allen, Chris Finken, and Mitch Huhem to name a few. I was hoping to add you to the list when you purchased WebTargeted.

    Dave gave me your book titled “Make Millions and Make Change!” I have read it cover to cover, making notes in the margins. I put it on my office book shelf on display so the executives (OrangeSoda Inc. CEO Jay Bean, you know, Enhance, Marchex) would see it. They did, Derek Miner picked it up and said “Wow, can I borrow this?” I said sure. I then proceeded to order him his own copy via your website He is looking forward to receiving it in the mail.

    I have owned over half a million in real estate at age 19, won third place in a business plan competition, started a business plan competition at my college, read many business plans and prospectuses. Its true I may have limited knowledge when it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

    I also use to work at WebTargeted and have first hand information from Dave about things, however I did not confirm any “facts” with Dave before posting this blog post.


    Bart Gibby
    seo specialist

    OrangeSoda, Inc.
    Online Marketing… with Fizz!

  4. Hi Bart

    I know you didnt mean any harm, but you dont have business posting corporate financial information unless you are 100% sure you know what you are talking about, since you dont in this case you should remove those type of references.

    Thanks on my book. You are my only fan 🙂 The pdf online is actually updated and better for your friend to read.

    Why dont you work with Dave any more? Also feel free to help (email removed) if you like our work.



  5. Mike,

    I removed the dollar amounts per your request.

    Dave let me go because he felt I was focusing on SEO tools and scalability rather than actually doing client work. To be honest, I think he was sound in that judgment.

    Ironically I was hired at Orange Soda, Inc. for the same reason Dave let me go. They wanted someone who could help make tools and do client work. They increased my pay, benefits, gave me a better work environment (I need lots of people around me, I am very extroverted), and gave me clarity in my job description. All of which I would could not see my life without.

    I have never been let go before, nor would I have suspected that I would have been hired for the same reason I was let go for and get an increase in pay and benefits.

    Life is an amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom in your book!



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