3 Workforce Statistics about Employees and Their Bosses

Stat One:

*1/3 of all bad hiring decisions are a result of pressure to fill a position.

Comment One:

Holly crap, I have been to so many, many, interviews where I just felt the impatient pressure of the interviewer. I could sense him thinking something like “Ok let’s move on, I need to see at least 10 to 20 applicants before the end of the week. That should be enough to get my boss off my back”. Or even worse, “this guy is the best applicant I have, but he still doesn’t have all the skills we need. All well we’ll make due with him; we needed that work all done yesterday.”

Freak I mean wow! I personally would prefer to hire someone who is teachable and spend the time training them or take the time to find the right applicant for the job rather than take a chance on someone who may not even have any natural skill or ability in the job function. Someone with the passion, experience, natural ability, and disciplined skill will make up for the time lost. If they don’t then shoot, at least you have someone doing the work, and doing right.

Stat Two:

*75% of Hiring Managers look for employees who work well in groups; only 20% look for “ambition”.

Comment Two:

Wow, this is so true. Who cares how ambitious someone is when they can’t work on your team. Fine they want to be a love wolf let them. Either they succeed or they learn to work well with the rest of us. Personally a good mix of the two are better than someone off balance. But when having to choose between the two, I look for humility, eagerness to learn, and willingness to share intangible assets over someone’s ambition.

Stat Three:

*48% of employees would like to fire their boss; 29% would like to have their boss assessed by a psychologist

Comment Three:

I am married to a professional counselor which means I get assessed every day. It’s a good check for mental health. So the 29% of the people who answered this question were probably the group who like their boss and want them to be happy, thus making their lives at work happier. But the 48% who said they would like to fire their boss well, I don’t know what to say about them. I have felt the same way as both of these groups, but I quickly either move on to another job or realize I am the one with the problem.

So for you 48% who want to have your boss fired, maybe you should think about getting a new job first. Better yet start your own company, then you’ll see who the real boss is, the customer.

In closing my wife and I had a little chuckle about these stats. I hope you enjoyed them too

Source of Stats: -Onetest Workforce Diagnostics

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