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BiD or Business in Development Challenge – The World’s First Humanitarian Business Plan Competition

Poverty reduction in developing nations is the focus of the world’s first humanitarian business plan competition, the Business in Development (BiD) Challenge.

In a 2003 speech, former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan sought to address the glaring problem of increased economic disparity among the nation states of the world. Mr. Annan rightly claimed that stimulating the backbone of any economy—the private sector is the key to economic growth, poverty reduction, and the subsequent transfer of wealth, knowledge, and skills. He stressed two vital keys to help struggling countries get up to speed economically with the rest of the world:

SEO Daily Blog Posting Experiment – Does Blogging Daily Increase Overall Website Traffic?

Recently I hired two copywriters to create content for my business plan competition category on my blog. I have been really interested in the amount of traffic I could generate by posting on a regular basis about a niche topic such as business plan competitions.

Knowing search engines as much as I do, if I stagger out the content over the course of many days posting once a day maybe even three times a week I will in the long run generate more traffic. If I can become I reliable source for new fresh content in a specific niche I should be able to capture more search engine traffic.

Cornell University Business Idea Competition (BIC)

Cornell University located in Ithaca, NY, hosts the annual Business Idea Competition (BIC), sponsored by the Big Red Venture Fund at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.

The BR Ventures Business Idea Competition provides a way for Cornell-affiliated individuals and current students and faculty at other universities to take their first step toward turning an idea into a viable business.

Business Plan Competition Data Base to Move Forward

I hired two writers to create unique and informative descriptions of business plan competitions for the data base website. However, because I realize now that the site will take too much of my personal time I will have to outsource its creation.

Thus to justify its expense I require a test of traffic generated through business plan competition content. Thus you will all be seeing some excellent posts written by professional copywriters in this section / category of my blog.

Former Boss, Dave Bascom (Mike Mann, Wash VC) at Web, Buys

After months of talking and negotiations I was so happy to hear that Web Targeted’s deal with Washington VC went through. Mike Mann the man behind Washington VC owns a lot of generic key phrase domains like and So it should be no surprise to that during this negotiation and acquisition that Mike would think about buying

The last I heard the deal was being sold for a percentage of the new WebTargeted SEO Company and a partial upfront payment. I had no idea that Mike would go up to (amount removed per Mike Mann’s Request). To quote my current boss “HOLY!” crap. I know they were throwing around a few other domain names like, but is much better.

3 Workforce Statistics about Employees and Their Bosses

Stat One:

*1/3 of all bad hiring decisions are a result of pressure to fill a position.

Comment One:

Holly crap, I have been to so many, many, interviews where I just felt the impatient pressure of the interviewer. I could sense him thinking something like “Ok let’s move on, I need to see at least 10 to 20 applicants before the end of the week. That should be enough to get my boss off my back”. Or even worse, “this guy is the best applicant I have, but he still doesn’t have all the skills we need. All well we’ll make due with him; we needed that work all done yesterday.”