Business Plan Competition Data Base UpDate

For over a year and a half now I have been collecting as many business plan competitions as I could find and adding them to my data base. The idea was initially for my use only but I did see how other entrepreneurs could view this information as useful, so I have been planning on at some point to create a website to give this information to the public for free.

I hired a few writers and have quite a bit of content to put up. However, the project is far from completed. So I have decide instead of waiting until it is where I want it to be I am going to release it any way and gradually modify it as time passes. So this Monday I hope to have a simplistic data base search and blog in place for the website. I may even just add it as content on my blog here, perhaps on a sub domain.

I know I have said this before and I keep saying it but, I have spent too much money and time not to release it. I don’t claim it to be exceptional only better than what I have found. It will be better than any directory of business plan competitions I have ever seen and my hopes are that you will find that to be true for yourself.