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We have been using for about a month and a half now. We first evaluated the free version to see if it would be able to help us help our clients. You may need to not read any further if you are already sold on the Free SEO software part so here is the link to Free SEO Software: Yes this is an affiliate link; I get paid if you buy it. Not for downloads of free software. Not to mention the fact I use the software every day, I feel like it’s a great value for you!

Positive Comments

The process they have laid out is simple and straightforward. They break it into four main process categories: “Find Your Niche, Promote Your Site, Analyze Your Site, and Maintain Your Site.” Each of these process categories three other task oriented sub categories each with their own tools. In “Find Your Niche” you’ll see: “Find Keywords, Optimize Pages, and Edit Pages.”

I really enjoy using the optimize pages tools, they are of my favorites. You can either optimize local content or the tool setup tool will allow you crawl a website to gather all the pages. From here you choose which pages you want to optimize and can even add pages manually.

Then the next tool will compare your page to the first through tenth search engine results of the engine of your choice. It will then spit out an analysis for you to interpret. You can change or modify the settings of this tool which is nice. As an example, not every one cares about the META keyword tag any more so you can turn that off if you want to.

Another one of my favorite features is the ability to send reports to your clients (this is in beta testing by the way) automatically. You’ll have to get the professional version to do this but it will be worth if they can get the beta testing finished. Basically it works like this. You setup a keyword ranking report to run on an automated setting.

Then tell the software when it’s done to upload the data to the WebCEO server. Where the data sits until your client logs into the sweet desktop “Report Viewer” software and downloads the data. The data then comes in a design template complete with a logo of your choosing. I have several clients on this system and they seem to love it. And I don’t have to lift a finger except to analyze the data (as I should, that’s what they pay me for).

While I could go on and on about how much I love WebCEO, and I would love to. I only have so much time. So needless to say I want to tell you this, the positives of this software blow the negatives to tiny little bits. However, I do feel that some of the negatives are worth mentioning. So here they are.

Negative Comments

Frankly the free version was not enough to run a SEO firm with, when we upgraded we realized that the paid version was much better. Yet in order to supply our clients with their needs I found myself having to think outside of their tool’s vernacular. Their process is so structured that it was hard at first to think of creative uses for their tools.

For example it took me a while to find the tool where I could see how many pages my clients had indexed. I finally found the tool in the “Rankings” section. The software queries basically any website you could ever think of wanting to get data from, yet the types of queries in certain tools are limited. For example in order to get the traffic rank of a client I have to use the “Analyze Competition” tool in the “Find Keyword” section. But I have to add the URL of my client as the keyword in order to get their traffic rank.

There are just a lot of weird and crazy things like that make WebCEO’s idea of using only piece of software for all your SEO needs almost a reality. If they would just forgo the process structure and organize it in such a way that we could choose our own process and the websites we want to query and which queries we want to do then I think they would be getting a lot closer to their goal.

The send email system for the “Find Link Partners” tool only work son simple email protocol and thus using a email server such as Google’s Gmail is out of the question. Which really bites for us at; all our email goes through our Gmail business domain name account. They also use this email system to send bug reports back to the mother ship which is in the Ukraine or some other Old Russian eastern bloc country.

This makes it a nightmare to get free phone tech support for us Mountain States USA residents. But I eventually remembered to called before 12am to get through. They were very happy to help me and I was excited to find out about why I couldn’t use Gmail with their software.

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  1. I’m a WebCEO user as well. I find I only use a few features of the software, but those alone are big time savers for me.

    I recently acquired after it was dropped. Maybe one day it will be live and we can share ideas with other users 🙂 . However, I have a feeling it could just sit there for a while.

    Thanks for the review.

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