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SEO:’s SEO Software, Review of

We have been using for about a month and a half now. We first evaluated the free version to see if it would be able to help us help our clients. You may need to not read any further if you are already sold on the Free SEO software part so here is the link to Free SEO Software: Yes this is an affiliate link; I get paid if you buy it. Not for downloads of free software. Not to mention the fact I use the software every day, I feel like it’s a great value for you!

SEO: The Yahoo Site Explorer Badge

Yahoo! Has a sweet little deal of a tool for all you who care about how many links are going back to your website or even to a particular page on your website. It’s called a “Badge”, maybe it’s the SEO badge of courage or maybe it just plain fun.

Yahoo explains the neat tool like this “Add a live badge to your blog or website that queries Site Explorer for the number of links to your site or page on the web. Select the type of link counts you want, the size and look of the badge and then cut and paste the code to your web site.” It can be found at

SEO: rel=”nofollow”> Links, Effective Commenting on Blogs and Directory Submisisons

When roaming the blogosphere pay attention to the type of link you are going to be getting from your comment on a blog post. We white hat SEO people know the value of a great comment on a blog. But we also know how to pick the blogs that either have a lot of traffic which will send us traffic or we know which ones will actually pass their link value on to our client’s sites or to our own.

Checking for “No Follow Links”