What entrepreneurial groups are doing in the valley… Q & A

Q:     Thanks for responding to my inquiry on linkedin.com  Could you tell me a little bit about e squared at UVSC?  I love to see what entrepreneurial groups are doing in the valley…

Greg P. , MBA (Bart Gibby’s Profile LinkedIn.com)

A:     Umm… well e-squared is a business plan competition. BYU has one too. In fact I am creating a website for business plan competitions should be out by February 1st. Fight club is in SLC, and you have to already know someone and then be invited to go. The Utah Valley Entrepreneur Forum is always a great place to go. Met some greats there, Rick Farr, Paul Allen, Gary Williams, CEO’s, and startups.

UVSC has a student incubator and is starting a regular incubator in conjunction with Utah State. Connect Magazine usually has some great info, recently they had an article about Utah’s Top 25 People Best Driving Business in 2006 and Utah Valley Business Q did a 40 entrepreneurs under 40 years old. Junto Benjamin’s is an elite group you have to compete to get into too.

I could be missing a few… there really is a lot going on.