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What entrepreneurial groups are doing in the valley… Q & A

Q:     Thanks for responding to my inquiry on  Could you tell me a little bit about e squared at UVSC?  I love to see what entrepreneurial groups are doing in the valley…

Greg P. , MBA (Bart Gibby’s Profile

A:     Umm… well e-squared is a business plan competition. BYU has one too. In fact I am creating a website for business plan competitions should be out by February 1st. Fight club is in SLC, and you have to already know someone and then be invited to go. The Utah Valley Entrepreneur Forum is always a great place to go. Met some greats there, Rick Farr, Paul Allen, Gary Williams, CEO’s, and startups.

Provo Labs and Paul Allen Thank You Very Much – New Job

Paul gave me the opportunity to grow and learn. I grew athe most by increasing my social network. It wasn’t hard because Paul is so well tied into Utah Valley, Utah, Silicon Valley, and who else knows where. I think I increased my linked network with 15 to 20 quality connections working for Paul. Not to mention that the creditability working for him gave me.

I knew the basics and some advanced things before I started to work for Paul Allen. However, working for him I was able to really hone in on skill sets by doing some experimenting with sitemaps and getting pages indexed. I also learned a lot about the reality of large link campaigns and the social dynamics of new startup companies.