Blog Tag – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

So I was tagged by Brad Pace, who was one of my managers at Provo Labs, LLC. I was able to assemble a hierarchy of the blog tag game Jeff Pulver apparently started on the 10th of December. It goes 14 people deep Including Jeff.

14. Bart Gibby
13. Brad Pace
12. Jeremy Palmer
11. Scott Jangro
10. Shawn Collins
9. Sam Harrelson
8. Jim Kukral
7 .Shmuly
6 .Kris Jones
5. Jeremy Schoemaker
4. Andy Beal
3 .Avinash Kaushik
2. Dave Gale
1. Jeff Pulver

The funny thing is that My new boss Dave Bascom was also tagged but not by Brad Pace but by one of Brad Paces other people he tagged. So I guess Dave would be on a 15th tier. I wonder how deep this game is going to go. I wish is was more organized, we could have tracked it by title tag or tracebacks or something. All well.

  1. I am a kid at heart. I love cartoons! I have a small collection of SpongeBob Squarepants episodes. I bought seasons one and two of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. It’s the coolest Nickelodeon series ever. The next season we’ll see if the Fire Nation survives the counter attack of the Earth Kingdom.
  2. I was given a Superman Returns Figurine 30 inches tall for Christmas. Which means I am only 36 inches taller than he is. It’s like having a “mini me” but with a washboard stomach and brown hair instead of blonde.

They were a Wal-Mart exclusive and were selling for only $14.99. Well today I saw one several for extreme prices like on eBay for $33.00, Craig’s List for $50, and the highest was on Amazon for $99.99. WOW looks like I won’t be taking him out of the box any time soon. I was looking forward to using him as a hood ornament or bashing my nephews toys and Lego structures with.

  1. I blew my hands to pieces with a CO2 cartridge when I was eleven. I now have seven fingers. Some might think this is why I don’t post very often but that’s a load of bull. Don’t let convince you of that falsehood.
  2. I was Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Representative, and Student Body 1st Vice President of my High School. Go Lakers!!
  3. I love Chocolate! If you ever want to butter me up or get me to give you free SEO consulting then buy me lunch, dinner, or breakfast and add a load of chocolate dessert. Or just send me 3 to 4 pounds of chocolate covered peanuts for Christmas.

I tag: Stuart Lisonbee, Curtis Gibby, Jeffrey Stevenson, Michael Eagar, and Michael Choi. You’ll be getting an email from me soon.

3 thoughts on “Blog Tag – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Your crazy Stuart. I can’t say I would have known that about you. That is definitely a topic that would be appropriate for the “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me” blog tag posting game. 🙂

  2. Well, I finally got around to doing my part. I put it off because I had planned to do a last-day-of-Kwanzaa post, but I got lazy and didn’t do it. Ah well. Next year.

    5 things you probably didn’t know about me

    Yeah, it’s Blogger. Someday when I’m less lazy I’ll install WordPress on my own server. Until then, enjoy the instability that is Blogger.

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