Testing Word 2007 Trial (not beta 2) Blogging Function with WordPress

I downloaded the free trial for Office Prof4esional 2007 at about 3 pm today. The trial last until February 28th 2007 and you buy Office 2007 until well who knows when. I am assuming it will be rolled out January sometime. So if this blog post finds its way to my blog then we know it is working fine. Of course it worked in the beta 2 version but they didn’t have a WordPress blog option. So I hope they have fixed the glitches when using WordPress, namely:

  • Date of blog post was wrong
  • Pictures didn’t upload
    • options have not changed much here, I wonder if its user error still
  • When posting to your blog it always posted as a draft even if you chose the no draft option
  • Still doesn’t allow you to post date or pre date your blog post
  • Probably others I can’t think of


Below is a logo from my new work if it shows up then I have posted my image via Word 2007 to my WordPress blog.

4 thoughts on “Testing Word 2007 Trial (not beta 2) Blogging Function with WordPress

  1. So it looks like they have solved the Date and the posting default as a draft issues. This is good because I always disliked having to go and log in to my WordPress manager and then manage my posts. Which is what the main or selling feature for me is.

    So still no post or pre date yet and my picture doesn\’t upload. They still only have that stupid upload via URL option which I have no idea who can use that. If any of you know please be kind enough to leave a post letting me know. Microsoft doesn\’t have any information on this at all any more.

    They use to have this really awesome page with all the places you could get image hosting and blogs for the beta but its gone.

  2. The new template is pretty sweet. A little psychadelic for my taste–makes my eyes bug out, but I like it better than the old one. Did you see that you got tagged by Brad Pace to say 5 things about yourself? I was going to tag you if he hadn’t already done it.

  3. One other thing they fixed is that now you can add multiple categories to one blog post where as in the Beta 2 version you could only add one.

    One thing I think they need to still work on is the ability to download all the posts from the blog so that they can be edited by the awesome power of MS 2007 Word. But unfortunately the only thing that he “Open Existing” button does is open a document that you have uploaded using that installation of Word 2007.

    What I mean by installation is simply that I blog from home and work, I can’t access the work posts from home nor vice versa.

  4. Dave the new template is a choose your own adventure, just pick the back ground you like the best. From the top icons. I am working on a better template, one more sophisticated. But until then this one is a lot cooler than my previous.

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