Monthly Archives: December 2006

Brad Pace Added to Blog Roll

Brad you were so good to me that I needed to add you to my blog roll. I just really appreciated your patience with me and the time you spent helping me become a better contracted employee for Provo Labs. I hope the SEO strategies we planned out can be put to use.

Plus you got extra kudos points when you sent that blog tag thing to me I swear I spent way too much time on that post. But heck man it was fun.


Blog Tag – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

So I was tagged by Brad Pace, who was one of my managers at Provo Labs, LLC. I was able to assemble a hierarchy of the blog tag game Jeff Pulver apparently started on the 10th of December. It goes 14 people deep Including Jeff.

14. Bart Gibby
13. Brad Pace
12. Jeremy Palmer
11. Scott Jangro
10. Shawn Collins
9. Sam Harrelson
8. Jim Kukral
7 .Shmuly
6 .Kris Jones
5. Jeremy Schoemaker
4. Andy Beal
3 .Avinash Kaushik
2. Dave Gale
1. Jeff Pulver

Testing Word 2007 Trial (not beta 2) Blogging Function with WordPress

I downloaded the free trial for Office Prof4esional 2007 at about 3 pm today. The trial last until February 28th 2007 and you buy Office 2007 until well who knows when. I am assuming it will be rolled out January sometime. So if this blog post finds its way to my blog then we know it is working fine. Of course it worked in the beta 2 version but they didn’t have a WordPress blog option. So I hope they have fixed the glitches when using WordPress, namely:

  • Date of blog post was wrong