Update: Omniture SiteCatalyst vs. Google Analytics

I finally got up the nerve to call Omniture and figure this whole thing out. Well come to find out they had an answer in their knowledge base. It reads as follows:

Why do I have more daily unique visitors than visits?

Why are there more daily unique visitors for a given day than there are visits for the same day?

Occasionally, some sites may show a higher number of daily unique visitors than visits for the same day. The Visit Metric relies exclusively on browsers that allow Omniture’s third-party cookie to be set, which is the most accurate way to determine whether a visitor is unique or not. A noncookied user cannot be counted as a visit because SiteCatalyst cannot place a cookie on their browser, but SiteCatalyst still counts them as a daily unique visitor based on IP address and user agent string. Additionally, if a visitor that does not support cookies obtains multiple IP addresses within a single hour, the visitor may be counted multiple times. If the cookie cannot be set, or if the user has blocked all cookies, SiteCatalyst uses a combination of IP address and user agent string to determine if the visitor is new or not. In these cases, SiteCatalyst may count visitors who do not support cookies as multiple unique visitors, which inflates the unique visitor count.

NOTE: Although a user may increase their browser’s privacy settings, the 2o7.net cookie will not be set if the user has disabled all cookies. Since Omniture has a compact privacy policy on the 207.net domain, the cookie will be set for all Internet Explorer privacy settings except for “Block All Cookies.”

The Daily Unique Visitor Report in Version 11 of SiteCatalyst offers a new option which offers an apples-to-apples comparison of data by filtering out the unique visitors that were captured with the use of IP address and user agent string. The Daily Unique visitors Report displays Persistent Cookie visitors and Non-Persistent Cookie visitors as metrics in the report.

Well the question still remains “Does Site Catalyst or Google Analytics track visitors better?” Which has the most accurate visitor tracking? Now I personally when it comes to path tracking and complete visitor information Site Catalyst is bar none the greatest on the market. My contact at 10xMarketing also says that we are paying too much. We shouldn’t be paying $700 a month just for Site Catalyst. So I wonder what is going on? I’ll be calling Justin apparently he is the Site Catalyst guru at 10xMarketing.

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