Link Request Script Using Ethos and Pathos To Bolster the Logos

The following is an assignment I did for a business presentation class I am currently taking. I have not used the script however, I do feel like it would be effective. I would also like to try out the “Interactive Learning Activity” I created to find out if one aspect is better than any other.

— Assignment Start —

  • Critical Thinking Question: When asking for links to clients websites, how can I use Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic) to persuade a potential partner for a link.
    • Why it is significant: This is the basic function for any search engine optimizer. To obtain links from sites or people for clients. If I could master this skill of persuasion I could get a lot of links for without having to give away content, links, or develop larger business development deals.
  • Answer:
    • I can create Ethos or credibility by using: language appropriate to audience and subject, a restrained and sincere fair mindedness, appropriate level of vocabulary, and proper grammar. I must also convey to the potential partner that I am someone worth listening to. If I do all of the above then I should convey that I am likable and worthy of respect.
    • I can create Pathos or emotion by using: stunning concrete language, emotionally loaded language, connotative meanings, emotional examples, vivid descriptions, narratives of emotional events, emotional tone, and figurative language. By choosing the appropriate form of verbiage I can have the effect I desire on my link partner’s emotional response to my request. I would talk about how my clients site has a worthy cause it needs help supporting, thus appealing to their humanity.
    • I can create logic or Logos by using: theoretical abstract language, denotative meanings or reasons, literal and historical analogies, definitions, factual data and statistics, quotations, citations from experts and authorities, and informed opinions. Offering some free advice like pointing out common logical fallacies or bad practices when doing search engine optimization would increase my credibility, if my potential partner is interested in the subject. I can also support or give logical reasons of the benefit the link to my client’s website would give my potential partners website visitors and perhaps even offer a link back to them from my client if the benefits were equally great for my client’s website visitors.
    • Summary: So my request might go something like this. (Ethos) Jim, my name is Bart Gibby, I work for (Pathos) I feel that you have done a great job in appealing to the LDS market; you have done [add logical conclusion from website knowledge like a product/service]. It is because of this [add emotional benefit to user, market, industry] I wanted to call and offer you a partnership opportunity with us. [Pause and wait for reply of interest]. (Logos) I believe that we could increase traffic on both of our websites by promoting each others sites through a reciprocal link. This would also benefit our customers by giving them a larger opportunity to find more of what they want. How would you like to proceed?
  • Citations:
  • Interactive Learning Activity: Have one or each person in the group pick their favorite website. Then have them identify potential link partners in which they feel they the audience of both websites match. Then proceed to find their contact information. Once this information is found call or email the contact person with a pre thought-out or written persuasive link request. We could assign three people to do Logos, three people to Pathos, three people to Ethos, and three people to a mix of all three. This way could see which method in general works best for a link request.