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Update: Omniture SiteCatalyst vs. Google Analytics

I finally got up the nerve to call Omniture and figure this whole thing out. Well come to find out they had an answer in their knowledge base. It reads as follows:

Why do I have more daily unique visitors than visits?

Why are there more daily unique visitors for a given day than there are visits for the same day?


Omniture SiteCatalyst vs. Google Analytics

At InfoBase Media Corperation we use Omniture SiteCatalyst which is very complex and is meant as a enterprise solution. We’re not that big trust me, the actual license is actually like $30,000 a year, thankfully we just buy from a reseller called 10XMarketing.

The funny thing is that both companies are located in the Provo-Orem Utah area just like us. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, unless of course your Google. What I mean to say is that SiteCatalyst frankly is too much for us and is just too expensive for what we use it for. None of us are trained to use it to its fullest capacity and its even been giving us bad data the last week or so.

Link Request Script Using Ethos and Pathos To Bolster the Logos

The following is an assignment I did for a business presentation class I am currently taking. I have not used the script however, I do feel like it would be effective. I would also like to try out the “Interactive Learning Activity” I created to find out if one aspect is better than any other.

— Assignment Start —

  • Critical Thinking Question: When asking for links to clients websites, how can I use Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic) to persuade a potential partner for a link.

Definitions of Search Engine Optimization


Here is a list of definitions that I have collected from around the WWW. I think it is important to understand the specifics of how Search Engine Optimization is being defined. Personally this research has empowered me to help me expand my vernacular. It gives me a great insight into how my discourse community or peers are defining SEO . Finally it also helps me understand what my clients and employers expect from me.

Uncategorized Posts

Apparently WordPress returns a 404 error when there isn’t a page found in a category. So this post is a place holder. Since the “Uncategorized” category is the default category the WordPress won’t let you delete it. So to entertain the search engines I write this post so they don’t think I have a broken link any more.