Seth Godin Google Consulting for Free!!

Seth Godin, that’s right friends, the marketing wizard has done several speaking engagements that were recorded and uploaded to just search for Seth Godin. The Google consulting vide I am speaking of is about 48 minutes and he talks about how Google needs to keep its brand image and that one or two mistakes can ruin their brand image. He mainly focused on his “permission marketing” and not his “all marketers are liars” topic; so the title of the video is a little misleading.

At the end he answered some questions from the Google employees and one of them was wondering why Goolgle maps hasn’t taken over map quest yet. This particular engineer worked on the project and still has friends or a relative who used Map Quest to get to his house instead of Google maps and that hurt his feelings. I really enjoyed Seth’s answer.

He said look, people don’t have a map problem , ya Google maps are fun with the satellite images and everything and you also allow businesses to add their location and so forth but you really didn’t do anything really “Remarkable”. You didn’t solve any problems. You just made maps more entertaining. If you want really good viral marketing to occur you must do something worth a remark, thus it becomes remarkable. Seth says it a lot better than me so go check him out on Google video.