Linking Campaign & Musician Biographies for

As I have been requesting links from musicians I have been noticing a few things, the main one is that we really do not have any type of relationship with these artists on a professional basis. Most of them I think barely know who we are. Oh sure we have their music on our website but that’s about how far the relationship goes.

We have also missed out on some basic business relationships with the musicians. Many are selling their music directly from their websites or telling their fans to buy from other places. Many have links to buy their CD from Deseret Book ,, or some other odd place. This would be all just fine, it just makes sense to me that if you have downloadable WebPages for people to view maybe downloadable music for people to buy or sample wouldn’t be a great jump in logic. it would have been easier to develope these relationships in the beginning when the hype of was new. Having the a lot of people talking about us all at once is always the best time to create business deals. But now I am afraid we are in for a hard sell, thats great because I like a challenge.
Maybe no one has ever approached them, maybe they don’t even know we sell their music (their distributor set up the deal and forgot to mention it or something). I just need to keep reminding myself that musicians and authors are technical entrepreneurs and usually do not understand, or do not want to do the business development (distribution mainly) side of their business.

Again perhaps I am wrong because I have also been noticing that most of the sites are out of date with broken or misdirected links, events calendar is dead, contact information nonexistent. It’s almost as if most of them put up the websites with misconceptions of the concept of the internet. None of them willing to create a persona tie with their fan base, when my generation and those after me expect that.

So maybe the solution is to add value to the musician somehow , training on how to get a free website, or the value that using your website to communicate to your fan base can have. I’ll need to be more patient as my campaign goes, so I can truly asses the relationship. However, I did create a simple list of questions I am making educated guess and assumptions on. They are:

  • Q: How do we get links from musicians who don’t actively update their website?
    • A: Training on how to update your Website
    • A: Find their webmaster, and get him to do it, this may cost the musician money
    • A: Offer to do it my self
  • Q: How do I get a link form a musician who doesn’t even have a website?
    • A: Training on how to get a free website
    • A: Training on how to update your Website
  • Q: What do I have to offer them in return for a link back to us?
    • A: More sales! They can help their fans who want downloadable music but didn’t know where to find it
    • A: A link back to their website
  • Q: How do I appeal to those who are already selling their music in a downloadable format to influence their fans to buy from us instead of directly through them?
    • A: Find out if it’s a breach in their contract, if it is a breach, renegotiate.
    • A: Explain why we can sell more music for them so they can focus on making their music not selling it.