’s Screwed up website!!! Or is it?

I had a meeting with Paul Hunt the other day about Search Engine Optimization problems with the website and solutions I had for it. Paul Hunt is he is our HR, Accounting, etc. guy, we all wear a lot of hats at InfoBase Media.

I didn’t mean to trash the website. I wasn’t saying the whole thing was bad and that it needed to be recreated, all I wanted to get a crossed was that the site needed some regular SEO maintenance attention. Attention that it has never really had. I did suggest a “mod rewrite” to make non dynamic URLs, perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough.

I mean any site that converts 5% and above of its traffic is doing great in my book. Especially if the site has not been constantly tweaked to maximize conversion. Which it has not been for some time now. I bet we could get conversion rates up to 7% if we had the knowhow and the time.

As far as our on page SEO goes all the site needs is a few changes, H2 tags changed to H1 tags, title tags having the title of the page instead of the database query string, key phrase prominence in text areas and links, and a lot more content pages. Some easy to find content that we should have had form the beginning. Here is a simple list of content items we could have but don’t, items that need fixing are:

  • Items we have but need attention
    • A biography page for every musical group and its members, as right now these two are mixed together, creating several redundant empty text pages
      • Group biography page
      • Musician biography page
  • Items we do not have
    • Author biographies
      • I don’t understand why we don’t have these, authors have biographies already made, crap that’s what they do for living write!
    • Book reviews by professionals
    • Customer comments and ratings for books, talks, and music
    • Fan club/areas surrounding the authors and musicians
    • Basic feedback for the authors and musicians about how their work has affected their fans lives for the better
    • A author and musician guidelines page, with phone number and email for Q&A or a FAQ just for them

So is the LDS Audio site really screwed up? No, it’s not. Like all websites it needs maintenance, that constant TLC that every company’s store front should get. We have just been neglecting (reverting resources from) our cash cow that’s all. Focusing on other projects like and With MP3 Books alone we could have a multimillion dollar company, that project is just too big to divert resources from LDS Audio and not see negative repercussions in revenue. Thank goodness MP3 Books wasn’t the project we had started or else we may have had to cut back a lot more than we did.