Monthly Archives: September 2006

Seth Godin Google Consulting for Free!!

Seth Godin, that’s right friends, the marketing wizard has done several speaking engagements that were recorded and uploaded to just search for Seth Godin. The Google consulting vide I am speaking of is about 48 minutes and he talks about how Google needs to keep its brand image and that one or two mistakes can ruin their brand image. He mainly focused on his “permission marketing” and not his “all marketers are liars” topic; so the title of the video is a little misleading.’s Screwed up website!!! Or is it?

I had a meeting with Paul Hunt the other day about Search Engine Optimization problems with the website and solutions I had for it. Paul Hunt is he is our HR, Accounting, etc. guy, we all wear a lot of hats at InfoBase Media.

I didn’t mean to trash the website. I wasn’t saying the whole thing was bad and that it needed to be recreated, all I wanted to get a crossed was that the site needed some regular SEO maintenance attention. Attention that it has never really had. I did suggest a “mod rewrite” to make non dynamic URLs, perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough.