Update: Dave Bascom’s Dog

I last blogged about Dave Bascom’s Dog on July 7th 2006, we learned that Dave did not have a dog after all and thus his dog, being a fictional character that I created, had not been named by Dave. So I have taken great pride in naming Dave Bascom’s Dog, Poseidon. I had a two dogs named after mythological Gods and so I thought, why not.

I am also happy to report that the Dave Bascom’s Dog post has achieved a #1 ranking on Google for the term Dave Bascom’s Dog. It is a shame however, that Dave and his family will be unable to have a dog seeing how they such cleaver creatures. I personally have never had a more loving pet than my dog Zeus.

So here’s to you Dave, may all your future pets be Gordon Setters, Great Danes, or Saint Bernard’s, Cheers!

One thought on “Update: Dave Bascom’s Dog

  1. Way to go, Bart. You the man! My son keeps asking for a puppy, but so far my wife is holding strong against any kind of furry pet…we had goldfish once, but it didn’t really work out.

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