University of Phoenix vs. Utah Valley State College

My UVSC academic counselor reminded me that I would not be able to attend college full time this coming school year. It seems I am behind on my math and because of that I am not matriculated. Having more than 15 credit hours in upper division not being matriculated means I am not able to take any more upper division classes.

Well so math classes as you well know build upon each other and this is where I am at with Math:

1010: Intermediate Algebra > 1050: College Algebra > 1100: Calculus

Math 1050 also opens the door to Macroeconomics and Calculus opens up my Marketing Statistics class. The older I get the more I seem to like math and its higher functions like statistics and calculus. Had someone told me earlier that many of the search engines use calculus equations and that algebra is used a lot in Excel macros and so forth I would have eagerly learned more math sooner.

The funny thing is I was in Pre-Calculus in my Junior year at Bonneville High School. I guess not doing math for 5 years really put me behind in college when I took my math entry test. All well I will conquer math and use it to benefit my personal and professional life.

Cheers, to all of you who have already done so.

So I looked into the University of Phoenix for a third time and low and behold not all my credits transferred especially my upper division credits focusing on entrepreneurship. But the funny thing is this (I had this hunch, that’s why I looked into it again) it will take me less time to graduate from UOP than UVSC. Yes, that’s right I could work full time attending school full time at UOP graduating in 2 years or go to school part time at UVSC work full time and graduate in 2 and a half years. At UOP I need to earn about 53 credits hours at UVSC I need about 30.

Another advantage of UOP is that it is a university of national recognition, a working professionals school. Where UVSC is a college without any national recognition. Lets also mention that at UOP I’ll have the same learning team for the entire course of my degree, where at UVSC I hardly get to do any real social networking. I would occasionally have a team effort for one class, I never did get to know anyone all that well.

The major drawback of UOP is the cost, but as a business man I should not let that hinder my progress. What I mean is an education is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. UOP students don’t wine and complain every time tuition goes up, I wonder why? If they do it’s not the business students I’ll tell you that. Maybe government funded schools have students who are used to living off government hand outs, and when the cheese stops flowing they are too fat to run to the next pile (see the book “Who Stole My Cheese”).

But if the free enterprise market controlled education would UOP be so expensive, wouldn’t there be a low cost leader? But no matter, theory and speculation never made me as much money as results. UOP definitely has proven they can produce results.

So starting this summer I plan to attend UOP, we’ll see if I can get the funding (loans from companies not government) to go. It will be exciting to get a quality useful education for once. One I can actually use as an SEO specialist.