bPlanCompetitions.com’s New Logo Sketches

My brother-in-law wanted to draw me some logos for my business plan competitions website (unfinished), so I said sure. he is coming out to Utah to go to BYU’s esteemed animation program. I have seen some really great art work from him it is awesome to see him go from the highly detailed art form to a simple yet bold logo or design form.

His first concept he did on his own and I thought he captured the energy of business plan competition entrepreneurs in it. I am really looking forward to get his next two concepts so I can post hem here and ask you all what you think. I’ll have six concepts from two artists, one a professional logo designer and the other an aspiring animator.

Ultimately I’ll let the customer decide if I ever get the site finished, Math 110 at BYU is really sucking up a lot of my time lately. I hope to get www.bPlanCompetitions.com in a usable format with a working data base before school starts on August 23rd.