MS Word 2007 Has Citations and a Bibliography

Finally MS Word 2007 has Citations and a Bibliography, in fact it has a lot more than that. I mean it is a APA, MLA, Chicago formatting machine.

I was actually thinking about doing a plug in for Word or some sort of importing tool for college students (since I am one), last year. I even introduced the idea to Paul Allen and did some research found out about End Note how high priced it was, $300 or something outrageous amount. End Note was targeted toward professional writers like Ph.D.’s My Professor Dr. Peter Robinson at UVSC’s Business School, told me about the neat features it has and so forth.

All I wanted was a simple tool, I didn’t need to do fancy things. Well Microsoft hired a an awesome employee right out of Yale, to head this project and she has done a wonderful job so far check out her post at:

Jennifer Michelstein, tells it all and explains in detail the attention she has given to this project. I am sure you will enjoy her post and get as excited as I am about it.