20,937 Articles and Rising

Last week I installed the www.ArticleDashboard.com article directory (bank) on a sub domain to my blogs domain, www.articles.bartgibby.com. I then subscribed to be a part of the growing http://www.articlemarketer.com/ free content or article bank network.

I was really pumped about this because Article Marketer has over 20,000 articles they can just pump into your directory from the beginning. Bu the major draw back is that these articles are on another 200+ article directory websites, so what will make mine unique?

Well I am going for personal branding but that’s not enough I am not a Paul Allen (either of them) nor am I the president of any major Country or have a music record deal with Sony where my face can be seen all over MTV and so forth. Basically I do not have a following mass of people that will use my article bank website. So how does my personal branding fit in?

Well like most things I do on my blog I do as an SEO experiment, will 20,000+ pages pointing / linking to my main domain from a sub domain create a higher page rank and rankings for my main domain?

Will 20,000 pages be worth anything to my clients if I can get links to them from my article directory? What if I were to build 100 of these article websites (different IP addresses of course), how valuable will these links be to them?

Initially Article Marketer put in roughly 20,443 articles into my site, I am currently up to 20,937 articles. The crazy thing is that anyone can do this, the article software was free, the articles are free, I only pay for hosting and the sub domain cost me nothing. I invested a little bit of time, not nearly as much as I have in my Business Plan Competitions site that only has one page at the moment. So one page vs. 20,000+ pages with 600+ words per page is really awesome!!! At least I think it is; only time will tell.

Now I did not follow the bets practice of putting up a few hundred pages and adding a few a day with this site, mainly because search engines: have already indexed all of this content before and they are use to seeing it duplicated around the net (these sites usually have good keyword rankings and PR), with the advent of the data feed (RSS, Atom, etc.) duplicate content is not always a bad thing, and the last major point is that article marketer will put about 300 articles on my site per week.

That alone would take just under a year to publish at one per day, and that’s just a weeks worth. Wow, that’s a lot of fresh content on one site, well maybe the content is not so fresh I mean it will be another 200+ sites so perhaps indexing won’t be so often as I would like, but I am sure I will be indexed. The Article Dashboard URLs and other SEO elements are fairly good.

So basically there are a lot of things I can do the these articles and a lot of things I need to watch out for before I turn any strategy involving my article directory site loose on my clients.