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Provo Labs, LLC has changed and has become instead of an incubator a consulting company; its new name is Provo Labs Solutions. They currently were not in need of any SEO specialists and thus I was concerned where I was to find work. However, Paul Allen’s LDS Media Network was in need of an SEO specialist. Paul has currently started focusing on the companies or websites held by LDS Media Network in order to boost revenue, so Paul brought me over and got me really excited about all the awesome SEO tactics and resources that exist just inside the LDS Media Network.

So as of July 25th, 2006 I have been working for LDS Media Network, which consists of,,, and There are a few other sub domain blogs for LDSAudio and LDSMedia; but the main point is that the network is huge. There is tons of content all over LDSLibrary that is just waiting to be tapped into.

LDSAudio has a webpage that is ranked on the 1st page of Google results for the key phrase “MP3 books” from which I hope to link to has a huge data base full of LDS content, biographies of LDS authors, leaders, entire LDS magazines and books, and even classic books which have been named “World Classics”.

The great thing is many of the LDS Leaders are authors too and because is a subscription service 95% of the content is not indexed by the search engines. So my plan is grab as much of this content relative to the key phrases we are targeting, do some rewrites and ka boom, 100 landing pages for LDS Audio.

Well it doesn’t stop there friends, now I need links back to those new fresh content pages. Well that’s where the great SEO specialists linking network comes into play. I have a few tactics I really on heavily and I am hoping they strike gold for me again. However, just by being a part of LDSAudio I have several hundred authors and musicians I am sure would love to link to us who are not. Paul mentioned this and I am just so amazed at how much larger my resources and my reach can be when I am employed by the right company. A company that has developed relationships already and just needs to cash in on them.

So it’s time to get to work and really work this opportunity with LDS Media to its fullest.

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  1. Go Bart Go!

    You have great ambition and super ideas. My start-up website companies need someone like you and Paul Allen.

    Terry Kohler
    Talk Solutions Today
    Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

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