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Update: Dave Bascom’s Dog

I last blogged about Dave Bascom’s Dog on July 7th 2006, we learned that Dave did not have a dog after all and thus his dog, being a fictional character that I created, had not been named by Dave. So I have taken great pride in naming Dave Bascom’s Dog, Poseidon. I had a two dogs named after mythological Gods and so I thought, why not.

I am also happy to report that the Dave Bascom’s Dog post has achieved a #1 ranking on Google for the term Dave Bascom’s Dog. It is a shame however, that Dave and his family will be unable to have a dog seeing how they such cleaver creatures. I personally have never had a more loving pet than my dog Zeus.

Eric Ward’s Link Building Philosophy

I have been giving a great deal of thought lately to why I seem to be having lower amounts of “luck” or if you will success with my current SEO strategies. I think mainly my strategies consist of good and positive added value, however after reading a bit more on Eric Ward’s website I find myself questioning whether or not my tactics are sound. What I mean is that though I may be adding value to website users by commenting on blogs and in forums am I really portraying myself as a member of the community or do I look like I am temporarily there just for the links.

Risk Reversal a Marketing Skill

Because consumers do not want to make the wrong decision and waste money on a product they really don’t need or won’t fulfill all their needs for their particular situation they are naturally hesitant to buy, especially when it comes to major purchases.

Consumers take all the risk where there are no guarantees, see either the company selling the product takes the risk or the customer does.

Thus if you can overcome this hesitation the consumer has when they come to a buying decision, by offering to guarantee their purchase reversing the risk, you will see a lot more sales. That’s a proven fact.

19 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Companies Won’t Allow Certain Ads

Have you ever had an ad dropped or had a PPC company editor tell you that your ad doesn’t match the standard of the PPC network? I have it can be very tiresome to try and get the editor to see things according to their policy. See many of these so called editors are new to the job. These jobs are lower paid and have a higher turnover rate due to the negative element that is involved. What person enjoys telling someone they need to revise their ad, knowing they are going to meet resistance from the customer; not many I am sure of it.’s New Logo Sketches

My brother-in-law wanted to draw me some logos for my business plan competitions website (unfinished), so I said sure. he is coming out to Utah to go to BYU’s esteemed animation program. I have seen some really great art work from him it is awesome to see him go from the highly detailed art form to a simple yet bold logo or design form.

His first concept he did on his own and I thought he captured the energy of business plan competition entrepreneurs in it. I am really looking forward to get his next two concepts so I can post hem here and ask you all what you think. I’ll have six concepts from two artists, one a professional logo designer and the other an aspiring animator.